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Will Facebook’s New Look Effect Their IPO

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Will Facebook’s New Look Effect Their IPO

Unless you are part of the small population of Facebook haters you had to have notice that Facebook has undergone a huge “Facelift.”  With Facebook’s IPO on the horizon for late 2012 one must ask “How will Facebook’s new look effect their IPO? Well if you ask CEO Mark Zuckenberg he would tell you Facebook’s new look will have no effect on their IPO price.  Zuckenberg stated that Facebook’s new look is in no way an effort to bring in additional revenue to increase the value of Facebook’s IPO.

However if you believe any of that nonsense I have a bridge to sell you. Facebook’s new look is all about getting more money out of their advertisers by feeding them more info about you the consumer and keeping us even more glued to Facebook thus increasing their overall bottom line and juicing that up highly anticipated 2012 Facebook IPO . Facebook is an advertiser’s dream come true and the dream just keeps on getting better for since Facebook ‘s new look has come about. Facebook’s new look without a doubt has advertisers best interest in mind from their strategic placing of ads combined with even better demographic info through changes to the user profiles. Advertisers now have even more tools to use to pinpoint their target audiences and in turn will have no qualms about paying higher fees for product placements knowing that they are marketing to the right audience 24/7 365 days a year.

The most noticeable feature of Facebook’s new look besides the strategically placed advertisements is the addition of their “timeline” an interface added to user profiles. The timeline interface allows Facebook users to share photos, music, TV shows, movies, play games, and other content in real time or in other words give us one more reason not to log off and get some exercise.

So far Facebook’s new look has no shortage of naysayers.  A large amount of users especially the older demographics are resisting the changes citing that they were just getting used to the old interface and are now confused with Facebook’s new look with all the bells and whistles. For a site know for its simplicity Facebooks new look is sure to alienate some users who have difficulty adapting to changing technology.

 I wouldn’t worry about Facebook’s new look bringing an early demise to the site anytime soon. Mr.  Zuckenberg is a smart lad and he wouldn’t make any changes that he thought would decrease traffic to his site.  These changes were all made to put a positive effect on Facebook’s IPO. The increased revenue Facebook gets in the next few months will certainly push Facebook’s IPO price a little higher. Honestly regardless of how high Facebook’s IPO price is I would pick up as many shares as you can afford. People balked at the price of Google’s IPO when it was announced calling investors crazy for paying that much per share but a lot of crazy people made crazy gains in a short time. I foresee similar results for Facebook so if you missed out on Google’s IPO make sure you don’t miss out on Facebook’s IPO regardless of the price.

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