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Hot Penny Stock CRPZ Gains +256% for Members

Hot Penny Stock CRPZ Gains +256% for Members

Hot Penny Stock CRPZ profited PennyStockLocks members gains of up to +256% on 10-20-2011. PennyStockLocks along with other big time sites StockRockandRoll, StockLockandLoad, and StockBomb proved once again who the smart penny stock investors trust for their hot penny stock alerts.

ConvenienceTV Inc (CRPZ) a rising star in the rapidly growing $3.7 Billion a year digital signage industry known as Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising was the fourth of our now famous low float subpenny momentum plays which have netted members gains of +256%, +223.08%, +2508%, and +5400%, respectively. Members were alerted at 9:35am on CRPZ which was trading at $.0025 and watched it quickly shoot up the charts for a +100% gain. The news spread quickly and by noon CRPZ had already hit a high of $.0089 for a +256% profit for members who bought after our first alert. This was classic case of “volume precedes price,” our large network of investors saw the same value in CRPZ as we did and before you knew it CRPZ was seeing a record day in volume and a high of the day that nearly brought them a ticket to penny land.

However, as you know this is what a have you done for me lately business so despite our past successes we still continue to strive harder and harder everyday to find our members the next high gaining hot penny stock alert. If you’re still not sure as to what sites to join in order to find the top FREE penny stock alerts just take a look at our past winners. Within the past 90 Days our hot penny stock alerts have gained our members an unheard of +8900% in total gains!!!

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