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Anti Microbial Surfaces the Future of Home Protection

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Anti Microbial Surfaces the Future of Home Protection

PennyStockLocks is always aggressively seeking the next big thing for our members. We look at industries that have tremendous upside potential and then find companies involved in those industries that are currently unknown, undervalued or both.

We have been researching the emerging industry of anti microbial surfaces for some time now and we feel that it could soon become a standard for homeowners looking to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria to family and guests. For those of you not familiar with the term anti microbial, it is a substance that kills or inhibits the growth of microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, or protozoans.  

The anti microbial surface industry has been around since the 1970’s and has been used extensively in the healthcare, food, and public transportation industries to prevent the spread of bacteria in areas with high traffic where cleanliness is imperative.

However, the need for anti microbial surfaces in the household is just beginning to gain momentum. Homeowners are just starting to embrace this clean technology and, it is about time. The U.S. averages 70,000 case of E. coli each year with many others not being reported. That number may not seem big but, when you take into account that infants with their underdeveloped immune systems are extremely susceptible to bacteria which can become extremely fatal, households are now starting to take every precaution to ensure safety for their families. Luckily for them there are now companies offering household anti microbial surface solutions at an affordable price.

PennyStockLocks feels that anti microbial surfaces will become a standard for households in the years to come. Just like carbon dioxide and smoke detectors these surfaces will be the next “must have” product in home protection. We may have found a company trading on the OTC market that already an early entrant on this rapidly growing industry and could be set for huge breakout run before the New Year.

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