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Highest Gaining Penny Stocks In Q1

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Highest Gaining Penny Stocks In Q1

PennyStockLocks was the #1 source for the highest gaining penny stocks in Q1.

Our timely penny stock alerts provided members of out network of smart penny stock traders gains of 1478.55%. Proving once again while we are the most trusted source on the web for winning penny stock alerts.

We plan on carrying over our success of having the highest gaining penny stocks in Q1 as Q2 begins on Monday. We already have 3 huge penny stocks alerts coming up this week that could start Q2 off with a bang.

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Highest Gaining Stocks In Q4

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As this 4th quarter comes to a close I would like to thank you all for your kind emails and feedback these past few months, it is truly appreciated. We work hard every day striving to achieve excellence for our loyal subscribers.

TOAND our alert from Wednesday hit a high of $0.50 last week for an impressive +138.1% gain for our members. Congrats to all of those who were able to cash in on our profitable penny stock alert.

As you all know this week marks the end of yet another unimpressive 4th quarter for Wall St. PSL members saw a record amount of gains for Quarter 4 +958.95% to be exact!!! Proving once again why we are the #1 Penny Stock Newsletter in the Industry.

PSL ignored all the gloom and doom forecasts from the Wall St experts and stuck to what we do best...researching quality stocks that post gains for our members.

Our recent success has certainly set the bar high for 2012 but we are up to the challenge and plan on making 2012 the most profitable year yet for our members

As usual the crew here at PennyStockLocks will not be wasting any time and we plan on having another huge penny stock alert early into 2012 so be sure to check your inbox routinely for our next big play.

PennyStockLocks Q4 Winners

Ticker First Alert Low High Percent Gain
RACK 12-23-2011 1.08 1.25 15.74%
TOAND 12-21-2011 0.21 0.50 138.1%
PWRM 12-19-2011 0.0051 0.007 37.25%
KMAG 12-15-2011 0.002 0.0028 +40%
BCDH 12-09-2011 0.095 .106 11.58%
CSOC 12-07-2011 0.027 0.04 +48.15%
RGNA 11-21-2011 0.016 0.02 +21.21%
ICNM 11-17-2011 0.07 0.095 +35.71%
NECA 11-14-2011 0.38 0.48 +26.32%
CURX 11-07-2011 .066 .16 +142.42%
STEV 11-02-2011 .92 1.05 +14.13%
NECA 11-01-2011 .34 .43 +26.47%
WSML 10-26-2011 1.17 1.31 +11.97%
ECIT 10-24-2011 .30 .39 +30%
CRPZ 10-20-2011 .0026 .0089 +256%
ACAR 10-18-2011 .049 .053 +8.26%
FHWY 10-13-2011 .07 .079 +12.89%
HRDN 10-11-2011 .0534 .069 +29.21%
FXPT 10-04-2011 .0254 .039 +53.54%
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Anti Microbial Surfaces the Future of Home Protection

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Anti Microbial Surfaces the Future of Home Protection

PennyStockLocks is always aggressively seeking the next big thing for our members. We look at industries that have tremendous upside potential and then find companies involved in those industries that are currently unknown, undervalued or both.

We have been researching the emerging industry of anti microbial surfaces for some time now and we feel that it could soon become a standard for homeowners looking to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria to family and guests. For those of you not familiar with the term anti microbial, it is a substance that kills or inhibits the growth of microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, or protozoans.  

The anti microbial surface industry has been around since the 1970’s and has been used extensively in the healthcare, food, and public transportation industries to prevent the spread of bacteria in areas with high traffic where cleanliness is imperative.

However, the need for anti microbial surfaces in the household is just beginning to gain momentum. Homeowners are just starting to embrace this clean technology and, it is about time. The U.S. averages 70,000 case of E. coli each year with many others not being reported. That number may not seem big but, when you take into account that infants with their underdeveloped immune systems are extremely susceptible to bacteria which can become extremely fatal, households are now starting to take every precaution to ensure safety for their families. Luckily for them there are now companies offering household anti microbial surface solutions at an affordable price.

PennyStockLocks feels that anti microbial surfaces will become a standard for households in the years to come. Just like carbon dioxide and smoke detectors these surfaces will be the next “must have” product in home protection. We may have found a company trading on the OTC market that already an early entrant on this rapidly growing industry and could be set for huge breakout run before the New Year.

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Hot Penny Stock CRPZ Gains +256% for Members

Hot Penny Stock CRPZ Gains +256% for Members

Hot Penny Stock CRPZ profited PennyStockLocks members gains of up to +256% on 10-20-2011. PennyStockLocks along with other big time sites StockRockandRoll, StockLockandLoad, and StockBomb proved once again who the smart penny stock investors trust for their hot penny stock alerts.

ConvenienceTV Inc (CRPZ) a rising star in the rapidly growing $3.7 Billion a year digital signage industry known as Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising was the fourth of our now famous low float subpenny momentum plays which have netted members gains of +256%, +223.08%, +2508%, and +5400%, respectively. Members were alerted at 9:35am on CRPZ which was trading at $.0025 and watched it quickly shoot up the charts for a +100% gain. The news spread quickly and by noon CRPZ had already hit a high of $.0089 for a +256% profit for members who bought after our first alert. This was classic case of “volume precedes price,” our large network of investors saw the same value in CRPZ as we did and before you knew it CRPZ was seeing a record day in volume and a high of the day that nearly brought them a ticket to penny land.

However, as you know this is what a have you done for me lately business so despite our past successes we still continue to strive harder and harder everyday to find our members the next high gaining hot penny stock alert. If you’re still not sure as to what sites to join in order to find the top FREE penny stock alerts just take a look at our past winners. Within the past 90 Days our hot penny stock alerts have gained our members an unheard of +8900% in total gains!!!

Sign up now to our 100% FREE newsletter and get the latest hot penny stock alerts delivered to your inbox.


Don’t forget to keep an eye out for our next low float subpenny momentum play…

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