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What Is The Best Penny Stock Site to Subscribe To?

HonestStockPromotersWhat Is The Best Penny Stock Site To Subscribe To?

This one of course...but all joking aside what do you really need to know before subscribing to a penny stock site?

As a penny stock investor you are no stranger to the fact that there are thousands of penny stock sites that are available for you to subscribe to on the web today.  So the big question is which one do should trust? You as the investor need to figure out which sites are looking out for the best interest of their subscribers and which ones just look at them as a way to make their pockets fatter every day.

First thing never sign up for a penny stock newsletter that isn’t 100% free. There is no reason any penny stock promotion site should be asking its members for any type of payment. If you see one that is immediately leave their website and don’t look back.  My hot penny stock newsletter is and always will be FREE to all of my subscribers. I strictly want to inform them of the latest microcap stocks that could be on the verge of huge breakout. Those who charge their members for this service are just simply looking to rob you out of your money and will not be around for long with that business model.

Research the penny stock promotion site. There are many sites that have claimed to have made their investors all these enormous gains. But how can you know for sure?  For example, my most recent hot penny stock alert RCYT Recycle Tech Inc made members gains of up to 5400% after my first alert. Now many penny stock sites may claim that they alerted that pick as well as a dishonest attempt to try to attract new members when in fact they did not.  Investors can find out for sure which penny stock newsletter made what penny stock alert and when they did it by visiting popular penny stock investor sites such as www.stockereads.com and www.pennystockrumble.com these sites receive thousands of newsletters each day and make them available for savvy investors such as yourself .Please take the time to visit them and perform some research of your own.

Penny stock investors should also look to see what else does the site offer to its members?  I understand that the reason most investors subscribe to a site is to get hot penny stocks delivered to their inbox on a daily basis. But shouldn’t a penny stock site be more than that.  I recommend subscribing to a site that not only provides their members with hot penny stock picks but one that also offers some additional content that can be of value to its members. Do they offer any news on the current state of the market? Do they offer a section for investor tips or tutorials? Do they offer any useful downloads or tools that can be of service to their investors?  PennyStockLocks.com and top partner sites StockRockandRoll and StockLockandLoad offer all that on top of our always FREE hot penny stock alerts. In fact StockRockandRoll.com currently has sections dedicated strictly to ETF’s,  Commodities and Hot IPO’s. Please take the time to visit them and learn on these exciting investing opportunities.

In closing one should perform a little research before blindly subscribing to any penny stock newsletter. Always remember to perform your own due diligence before investing in any stock and never invest more than you are prepared to lose.



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