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Sub Penny Stocks Big Profit Potential

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Sub Penny Stocks Big Profit Potential

Sub Penny Stocks are stocks that are currently being traded at a fraction of a cent. For example, the price per share for a sub penny stock could be $0.001 which means that this sub penny stock is trading at 1/10th of a penny. 

Don’t let the low price of sub penny stocks fool you. There is still big money that can be made by trading sub penny stocks especially if that sub penny stock has a low float. PennyStockLocks along with other big name hot penny stock alert sites StockRockandRoll, StockLockandLoad, StockBomb, and ResearchOTC are known throughout the penny stock investor world as the kings of the low float sub penny stock alerts. Sub penny stocks that have a low float have the tendency to move on high volume.

The reason for this is that sub penny stocks allow investors to get more shares off their initial investment. A penny stock investor could pick up one hundred thousand shares of a sub penny stock trading at $0.001 for just $100. When the volume for the stock is high you have lots of investors in demand of a sub penny stock with a limited supply of shares which causes the price of the sub penny stock to go up steeply and in a short amount a time.

For example, our biggest gainer so far was sub penny stock RCYT when we alerted this stock it was trading at a sub penny level of $0.002 with a low float of 17.4M. After members received our full profile and saw same potential for profit in RCYT as we did a sudden burst of volume came about and caused the price per share of RCYT to shoot up almost immediately.  The stock’s price continued to rise throughout the day hitting a high of $0.11 for a +5400% gain for our members.

Since then we have alerted three other low float sub penny stock alerts CRPZ, CGUD, and, RVNG which have profited +256%, +223.08%, and +2508% for our members.

PennyStockLocks scans the OTC markets for quality low float sub penny stocks that have potential for massive gains for our members.  

Make sure you sign up now because we will be releasing our next low float sub penny momentum alert soon!!!

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