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Sub Penny Stocks Big Profit Potential

An assortment of United States coins, includin...


Sub Penny Stocks Big Profit Potential

Sub Penny Stocks are stocks that are currently being traded at a fraction of a cent. For example, the price per share for a sub penny stock could be $0.001 which means that this sub penny stock is trading at 1/10th of a penny. 

Don’t let the low price of sub penny stocks fool you. There is still big money that can be made by trading sub penny stocks especially if that sub penny stock has a low float. PennyStockLocks along with other big name hot penny stock alert sites StockRockandRoll, StockLockandLoad, StockBomb, and ResearchOTC are known throughout the penny stock investor world as the kings of the low float sub penny stock alerts. Sub penny stocks that have a low float have the tendency to move on high volume.

The reason for this is that sub penny stocks allow investors to get more shares off their initial investment. A penny stock investor could pick up one hundred thousand shares of a sub penny stock trading at $0.001 for just $100. When the volume for the stock is high you have lots of investors in demand of a sub penny stock with a limited supply of shares which causes the price of the sub penny stock to go up steeply and in a short amount a time.

For example, our biggest gainer so far was sub penny stock RCYT when we alerted this stock it was trading at a sub penny level of $0.002 with a low float of 17.4M. After members received our full profile and saw same potential for profit in RCYT as we did a sudden burst of volume came about and caused the price per share of RCYT to shoot up almost immediately.  The stock’s price continued to rise throughout the day hitting a high of $0.11 for a +5400% gain for our members.

Since then we have alerted three other low float sub penny stock alerts CRPZ, CGUD, and, RVNG which have profited +256%, +223.08%, and +2508% for our members.

PennyStockLocks scans the OTC markets for quality low float sub penny stocks that have potential for massive gains for our members.  

Make sure you sign up now because we will be releasing our next low float sub penny momentum alert soon!!!

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Low Float Penny Stocks

NYC: American Stock Exchange

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Low Float Penny Stocks

There is tremendous fast profit opportunity when investing in low float penny stocks.  For those who are unfamilier with the term float. The float is the amount of shares available for trading(Outstanding Shares-Restricted Shares) low float penny stocks are much more volatile which could cause their price to jump after sudden news by the company or a breakthrough in their industry. These are attractive stocks for traders looking to make a fast profit on the possible momentum resulting from a sudden press release.

What Makes Low Float Penny Stocks So Volatile

Low float penny stocks can increase in price per share extremely fast and higher then other stocks due to basic supply and demand principles. By definition a low float penny stock is simply a penny stock that has a limited supply of shares available for trading. Now when buying interest in the low float penny stock builds up due to a recent press release or some other type of media attention youwill then have a high demand for that hot penny stocks. So when demand is high and supply is short....you guessed it price will go up goes up and in short time.

How To Profit From Low Float Penny Stocks

To make the most proftit from low float penny stocks it is always early important to pick up your shares early before the momentum really starts to pick up. PennyStockLocks members are always the first to get low float penny stock alerts. PSL’s low float penny stock alerts are always announced promptly at 9:30am EST. This allows our FREE newsletter subscriber’s the ability to pick up shares early while the price per share is still low and also gives them the biggest window for profit. For example, our last two low float penny stock plays RCYT and RVNG netted our subscribers gains of +5400% and +2508% respectively. It is also important to invest safely by setting strict entry and exit points because although low float penny stocks do make investors huge profits in a short time they can also result in big losses if the investor buys too high or holds on for to long..  

How To Find Profitable Low Float Penny Stocks

PennyStockLocks is constantly scanning the otc markets for the next profitable low float penny stock by subscribing to our 100% free hot penny stock newsletter you will give yourself access to our next hot low float penny stock alert. Subscribe now and join PennyStockLocks always growing network of savvy penny stock investors. You do not want to miss out on the next RCYT or RVNG……

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High Volume Penny Stocks

Stock market has largest one day gain in history

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High Volume Penny Stocks

When referring to penny stocks the term “volume” means the amount of interest in the stock.  When a stock is trading on high volume it can be safe to assume to interest in the stock is high. However, if the stock is trading on low volume you can assume the opposite. The amount of volume of a penny stock can help you determine how liquid or illiquid the penny stock is. Penny Stock Volume is often affected by news or events that directly affect the company or its industry. For example if a company has just released a press release regarding the launch of a new product or patent it is safe to say that it will grab investors interest in the stock and a sharp increase in volume is set to happen.

For a better understanding of how high volume can effect price let’s look at the real estate market. For example, real estate for the most part is thought to be very illiquid at the moment. Homes are taking a long time to sell and their prices are decreasing dramatically. Now let’s say that you have a house in an average neighborhood that has little or no interest to potential buyers. The house would be hard to sell and in turn you would have to lower the price to attract any buyers. However, if a train station were to be built in your neighborhood only a few blocks away from your house you would see a huge spike in the amount of buyers interested in your house. The fact that house is within walking distance to public transportation makes it that much more appealing to potential buyers who commute to work and in turn you would almost certainly see an increase your property value.

Why is high volume important when trading Penny Stocks?

For example, last month hot penny stock RCYT was trading at an average volume of less than 1 million after PennyStockLocks and other big name Penny Stock NewsLetters StockRockandRoll, StockLockandLoad, and StockBomb alerted our members on RCYT the volume shot up to 11.5 million!!! Over 11x’s the average volume.

What was the result?

After our alert the volume of the stock became massive and the word spread out causing momentum to increase upward and soon RCYT was on its way to becoming the breakout stock of the Summer. Early investors saw gains of +5400%!!! That means if you had bought a modest $100 worth of shares and sold at the high of the day your modest $100 investment would have made you $5400!!!. Not too shabby of a pay day for just pointing and clicking on your computer for a few hours. RCYT is a perfect example of how a stock that was once illiquid became very liquid.

To get up to the minute alerts on hot penny stocks trading on HIGH VOLUME subscribe to PennyStockLocks FREE newsletter today!!!!

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Momentum Trading With Penny Stocks

An assortment of United States coins, includin...

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Momentum Trading is a type of trading strategy that investors use to gain profits from hot penny stocks that are moving upward quickly with high volume.  Penny Stocks being highly volatile are often subject to momentum trading.  Penny stocks often gain momentum from breaking press releases, rumors, recent filings, and promotion.

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