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Today's Hot Tech Penny Play Is WLGC Word Logic Corporation. PennyStockLocks members have had quite the profitable month of August with recent winners RCYT +5400%, RVNG + 760.87%, XDSL +17.19% and SEHI +40%.  WLGC could be my next big winner this company has the technology and the talent to make it big in the software industry. Lets look at the stats...

Current PPS:                      $0.17

 Avg. 10day Vol:                 64.6K

Outstanding Shares:           73.6M

Float:                               55.8M

About The Company:

WordLogic Corporation (WLGC) is a Vancouver, Canada based company that develops, markets, licenses and sells advanced predictive text solutions designed to accelerate the entry and retrieval of text and information for personal computing devices ranging from small handheld Mobile Devices with touch screen and QWERTY keyboards to desktop computers and tablet PCs. While there are other predictive technologies on the market, only WLGC has a patented Intelligent Input PlatformTM available for desktop PCs, laptops, tablet PC's, PDA and mobile phones! WordLogic's Intellectual Property portfolio includes six issued U.S. and European patents and five pending U.S. patent applications, one of which has received a Notice of Allowability from the USPTO.

WLGC's patented Intelligent Input Platform has the ability to completely change the end user's experience. Through its WordChunking and Gesturing software WLGC makes user input faster, customizable, more relevant, and completely portable.

What Seperates WLGC From It's Competitors:

WLGC is what we would call ubiquitous software.  Which in layman’s terms means it does not depend on other applications to run. This is not a plug-in that can only be used with MS Word or Internet Explorer. WordLogic is just as effective in Notepad as it would be in MS Word.

WLGC’s Word Chunking capabilities provide end users access to longer forms of text and text strings from only a few characters or shorter forms of text. As of right now Smartphone users are limited to “two thumb” typing on a QWERTY style keyboard or touch screen. WLGC’S WordChunking technology can increase text input on mobile up to 5 X’s faster. With Smartphone’s getting more and more advanced over time it is usually the end users own shortcomings that limit the device’s effectiveness. WordLogic's patented interface seeks to put an end to that allowing users to get the full potential of their devices.

WLGC’s Refined Search eliminates the typical “trial and error” method of getting results from search engines through its use of “Gesturing”. “Gesturing” uses the movement of your finger to enter text and navigate refined searches in real-time. Refined Search allows users to fine tune their search queries in real-time to arrive at the desired results the first time without wasting time scanning information. Imagine getting your desired search result the first time everytime.

 WLGC’s Intuitive Search technology can dramatically change the way mobile device users interact with the web and how they access key word advertisements thus providing new revenue streams for cutting edge companies. Intuitive Search can essentially turn every word on your mobile device into an internet “keyword.” For example, you and your friend are texting back and forth about what restaurant to go to for dinner that night. All one would have to do is highlight one of the restaurants mentioned and click. Once it is clicked you are now able to find the phone number for that restaurant or even make reservations online.

Not only does WordLogic help end users get the most out of their electronic devices it is also being used as a way to help those with suffering with dyslexia and cerebral palsy read and communicate more effectively.   

Website: www.wordlogic.com

Click the link below to see this cutting edge software in action.

Members should also note that as of Friday WLGC’s stock has increased an impressive +13.33% on above average volume possibly due to last week’s announcement that WLGC has made their Intelligent Input Technology available for licensing to manufacturers and software developers.


VANCOUVER, Canada--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- WordLogic Corporation, a provider of advanced predictive text software for smartphones, PC's and other devices, announced today the availability of WordLogic Intelligent Input™ technology for licensing to manufacturers and software developers. The technology is ideal for mobile app developers, search providers, and device OEMs looking for the best possible predictive text or search technology.

WordLogic Intelligent Input™ helps make text input on touchscreen smartphones, tablets, and other consumer electronics devices faster, more accurate and helpful.

"The use of text input applications like SMS, e-mail, social media and web search is growing rapidly on non-PC devices that have rudimentary or no physical keyboards," said Joseph Flicek, Licensing Executive of WordLogic and former Director of New Ventures at Science & Technology Ventures at Columbia University. "WordLogic Intelligent Input™ greatly increases the speed and accuracy of text input and searching."

Devices like smartphones, tablets, automotive infotainment systems, Internet TV, and game consoles are proliferating by the billions. They enable the Internet and employ touchscreens, body motion, infrared controllers or other non-mechanical keyboards to enter text, search and control applications. WordLogic Intelligent Input™ brings next generation text input to these text-hungry devices.

Current predictive text methods, which rely upon adjacent key prediction or misspellings, are frequently so inaccurate use that people simply turn them off. Alternatives require too much of a learning curve for mass adoption. Voice input has improved, but even server-based voice recognition is frequently insufficient in environments subject to background noise, such as groups where conversation is taking place, in vehicles, and on the street.

"The demand for better text input is exploding," added Michael D. Flom, WordLogic Senior Vice President of Mobile Technology. "WordLogic Intelligent Input™ uses patented, statistical processes to increase speed and accuracy while being intuitive."

It is evident that traders have started to take notice of this undervalued stock as many buy orders were filled before Friday’s close. With today's anticipated volume set to be even greater than Friday’s WLGC could see a major breakout before noon!! Member’s get your buy orders in early 9:30 am EST…As always follow PennyStockLocks on facebook and twitter for up to the minute alerts.



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