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TKDN: Takedown Entertainment is Thursday’s Hot Penny Stock “Lock”.

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few years you must have noticed the growing interest in Mixed Martial Arts throughout the world. MMA is currently the fastest growing sport on the planet. With a huge following on every continent Mixed Martial Arts appeal to the masses knows no boundaries. The growth rate for this industry is expected to reach over 1 Billion in sales within the next 5 years. With MMA schools opening at record levels around the world MMA could be the next generations NFL with the only difference being that it would be on a global level.


With industry giants UFC and Tapout both being privately owned, investors have been stuck on the outside while billionaires like Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban cash in on this growing sport.

We have great news for investors who are not currently billionaires but, are still looking to profit from this soon to be billion dollar industry. Currently TKDN is trading on the OTC at slightly over a dollar per share. The upside potential is limitless and TKDN is currently one of the few companies associated with the MMA that is being publicly traded.

Symbol: TKDN.ob

Current PPS: $1.05

Avg. 10day Vol: 642.9K

About the Company:

Takedown Entertainment TKDN is a London based Sports Entertainment Company with corporate offices in Beverly Hills, California. TKDN is the answer to the biggest dilemma MMA faces right now, distribution of quality Mixed Martial Arts programming.

There are currently thousands of independent MMA promotions around the globe. TKDN’s aggregation strategy allows them to consolidate the rights from these smaller independent MMA promotions and in turn acquire consistent stream of high quality MMA fights. TKDN then becomes a provider of top notch MMA programming to broadcasters and distributors who deliver that content to the millions of upon millions of MMA enthusiasts throughout the globe. Currently the Mixed Martial Arts industry has annual pay-per-view revenues of Five Hundred Million per year. Mixed Martial Arts as an industry is valued at over 3 billion dollars and growing. TKDN plans to capitalize on this growing industry by providing the first digital network totally devoted to high quality action packed MMA content.

Recently TKDN has been on a rampage through the MMA world acquiring distribution rights to the most popular independent fight promotions around the world on a weekly basis. In September alone TKDN acquired distribution rights for seven of the world’s most popular independent MMA promotions and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. TKDN is well on its way to reaching its goal of being the top provider of MMA programming throughout the globe.

As always PennyStockLocks has its finger on the pulse of the OTC markets and I believe we’ve found our next big gainer in TKDN this could easily be our 10th big winner in a row!!!!

So don’t hesitate and pick up some shares of TKDN early 9:30am EST.

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