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TAOND Is Our Low Float Gold Play Today

Company: Tao Minerals Ltd.

Symbol: TAOND.pk

Current PPS: $0.21 (Near All Time Low PPS "Golden Opportunity")

Outstanding Shares: 398K

Float: 378.2K (Low Float!!!)

10 Day Avg. Volume: 4.7K

Website: www.TaoMinerals.com

About the Company

TaoMinerals Ltd. (TAOND)Tao Minerals Ltd. is a Medellin, Colombia based mining, exploration, and development company formed to acquire, develop, and exploit natural resource properties, concentrating mainly on the rich, yet favorably underdeveloped gold deposits of Colombia, and doing so in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. Over the past five years TAOND has established itself in Colombia's still budding economy. TAOND has become fully compliant with the legal and political processes that are required. They have hired highly qualified personnel in the geological, legal, and security professions to ensure their success as a first mover as Colombia continues to expand their natural resource development.

Their first mover status has allow TAOND to capitalize on Colombia's huge gold and precious mining potential. Hosting part of the Andes mountain range, Colombia is situated in an area that contains many prolific mineralized systems that extend from Panama in the north through the major mining regions of Peru, Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina. However, unlike the countries previously mentioned Colombia has been vastly under explored in modern times. It is only recently that Colombia has become a hot spot for foreign investment in mining and exploration activity due to the improvement of their political and security sectors that were at one time not as favorable.

TAOND's Properties

TAOND currently owns two mining properties in Colombia, Golondrina and El Comillo, with El Comillo being the focus of TAOND's exploration efforts. El Comillo is a vein-hosted gold deposit located in a river basin that contains La Tinta Gorge in the sub river basin of the La Blanquita gorge, a tributary of the Nechí River in the municipality of Cáceres.

It is estimated that the total gold content located in the El Comillo property is approximately 900,000 oz. Current gross value of that ore is estimated to be US$990 million at a gold price of US$1,100 per ounce. No value has been placed on additional revenue that may arise from additional commodities contained in the ore. The gross value can be increased substantially by the likely existence of additional sub parallel veins, as well as by increased strike length of all mineralized structures both to the north and south of the known workings.

TAOND also owns a U.S. mining property in the mineral rich area of Nevada

Profiting Off the Rising Price of Gold

As many of you know Gold has been the one steady commodity during a less than favorable market climate. Poor financial decisions, soaring oil prices, and China's booming economy have all contributed to the fall of the U.S. dollar setting off a record increase in the value of gold currently at $1615 per ounce. Since 2005 Gold has jumped 246% and experts believe that number to increase another 225% before its all over.

Who profits from this?

Mining companies like TaoMinerals Ltd. (TAOND) and their shareholders. With the price of gold skyrocketing at record pace mining companies, whose success coincides with the upward trend of gold are now seeing record profits and those profits can lead to a dramatic increase in PPS for traders!!! Luckily for penny stock traders there are a few Mining companies flying under the radar like TAOND for less than a $1. 

TAOND at its current PPS of $0.21 seems like an incredible steal at the moment. Earlier this month it was trading at nearly $0.50 if it were to reach those levels again traders would seen gains over 140%!!

Yesterday after the closing bell TAOND released their 2011 Corporate Review to the public. Some of 2011's milestones include:

  • TAOND's four stage geophysical review of the Mutata property, a prospective gold and platinum project in Colombia which yielded favorable conditions and an excellent low cost opportunity for TAOND's goal of assembling a high quality portfolio of Colombian mineral properties.
  • TAOND's Letter of Intent (LOI) to acquire the Las Aquadas property from Bullet Holding Corp. of Medellin, Colombia.
  • TAOND's top management and scientist completed their review of the Las Aquadas property and were pleased by the results which showed strong indications of sulphide complexes which are often associated with anomalous gold mineralization. TAOND will run a detailed airborne magnetic and radiometric survey to further identify the presence of gold mineralization in the Las Aquadas property.

TAOND's corporate review indicates a strong outlook for 2012!! We expect a heavy day of trading for TAOND today as traders become more aware of TAOND's upside potential and with its low float of 398K a surge in volume could result in massive gains for traders over the course of the day!!!

Please take the time to read TAOND's latest press release below and examine their chart. All member's should keep a close eye on TAOND and add it to your watch list today. Members, be ready to put your buy orders in early 9:30am EST as this "Gold Bull" could breakout big and early!!

Tao Minerals Ltd. Provides Corporate Review for 2011

4:31p ET December 20, 2011 (Market Wire)

Tao Minerals Ltd. (TAO) (OTCBB: TAON) is pleased to provide a corporate review of 2011. During the first quarter of 2011 Tao commenced a four stage geophysical review of the Mutata property, a prospective gold and platinum project in Colombia. The project is located approximately 200 kilometers north of Medellin in the northwest region of the Antioquia Department known as Uraba. Collectively the concession covers an area of over 4,900 hectares and preliminary reports conducted by geologists from the Colombia Institute of Geology and Mining known as Ingeominas have reported the presence of gold and platinum on the concession as well as copper in some areas. Coinciding with the geophysical review, Britanico Security Group (Britanico) performed a full security review of the Mutata project as well as investigating the overall security climate in the Uraba region. Britanico notified Tao that the physical review was completed and their investigations overall were positive. In the second quarter, Tao completed an extensive sampling program on the Mutata and two newly discovered mineralized zones showed mixed vein and sulphide materials. Panned concentrates from both vein and alluvial material showed fine to medium gold as well as visible platinum. The Mutata gold and platinum property presents an excellent low cost opportunity for Tao's goal of assembling a high quality portfolio of Colombian mineral properties.

On July 6, 2011, Tao was pleased to announce the signing of a Letter of Intent (LOI) to acquire the Las Aquadas property from Bullet Holding Corp. of Medellin, Colombia. Bullet Holding Corp. has been operating in Colombia for over twenty years, and its applications and licenses are located in many of the most productive and potentially most promising regions of Colombia. The Las Aguadas Project consists of five individual concessions located in the Central Cordillera of Colombia, in the department of Caldas. Concessions which are currently or in the process of being included in the Aguadas project have a total approximate area of 38,000 hectares. Preliminary exploration work carried out by Grupo de Bullet in 2011 detailed the geology and possible mineralization within the project. This work has only focused on two of the five concessions whose combined area is 9813 hectares.

Tao management and senior geologists completed their review of the available data on the Aguadas Gold Project and prepared a twelve month exploration and development program of securing contractors to provide satellite imagery as well as magnetometer/radiometrics airborne geophysical surveys on the project. The sampling program consisted of 16 rock samples and 89 stream sediment samples at various locations within the Sonson Batholith Formation to identify prospective targets for further exploration. The results of the stream sediment and rock chip sampling programs identified various anomalous zones that are prospective areas upon which to focus detailed exploration. The stream sediment sampling showed anomalies for gold, silver, barium, manganese and zinc from the 89 samples, with similar positive results seen in the 16 rock chip samples. These results indicate the existence of polymetallic veins and/or deposits of sulphide complexes. In addition, the presence of local people panning the gold placers in the area is a strong indicator of the existence of gold mineralization in the area of interest. Most recently, Tao announced that satellite imagery of the Las Aquadas project has suggested that there is a major trend of iron oxide-clay minerals and manganese suggesting hydrothermal activity. Bain has recommended that Tao run a detailed airborne magnetic and radiometric survey over six areas within the original set of claims where the alteration appears to be strongest. Results of the survey will be followed by a program of geological prospecting, sampling and ground geophysics consisting of detailed magnetics and 3D induced polarization/resistivity is planned to further delineate the conductive zones and identify possible sulphide mineralization. Sulphide minerals are often associated with anomalous gold mineralization.

Tao Minerals Ltd. is a mining exploration and development company formed to acquire, develop, and exploit natural resource properties focusing primarily on the rich, yet highly underdeveloped gold deposits of Colombia doing so in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. As a corporation, Tao has firmly established itself in Colombia over the past five years, becoming fully adept with the legal and political processes required and hiring highly qualified personnel in the geological, legal and security professions. Arriving early to the boom in the expansion of natural resource development in Colombia Tao has firmly established itself in Colombia.


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