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SUNB Is Today's Super Low Float Bottom'd Chart Breakout Play

Company: Sunbelt International Corp.

Symbol: SUNB.ob

Current PPS. $0.135 (Rock Bottom PPS Huge Upside Potential See Our Chart Below!!!)

Outstanding Shares: 67.6M

Float: 22.6M (Super Low Float!!!)

Avg. 10 Day Volume: 167.8K

Websites: www.sunbelt-inter.com

About The Company:

Sunbelt International Corp. (SUNB.ob) is an aggressively growing Canadian based company focused on becoming a global provider to remote, urban, and industrial clients giving them ability to decrease operating costs while at the same time reducing their carbon foot print through the use of their vertical access turbines, wind turbines, horizontal axis turbines, and solar domestic hot water.

SUNB's turbine powersystems have 100 times better lifetime energy yield than both nuclear and fossil energy systems per tonne of mined materials. The amount of energy that goes into creating solar panels is paid back through clean electricity production the range of 1.5 - 4 years; depending on where they are used. This compares with a serviceable life of several decades.

We mentioned before that SUNB has taken on an aggressive growth strategy and they recently took a huge step forward with the near completion of a brand new wind farm and solar panel test facility. The facility's location in remote northern Canada will allow them to test their product's in the most extreme weather conditions thus proving the durability of their smaller hybrid turbines and panel systems to potential North American clients.

Recently SUNB signed a major deal with Promithian Mining Inc to provide the company with Water Turbines. Promithian will utilize the sustainable energy provided by these water turbines to power exploration and mining operations in a remote area of the southern Yukon.

SUNB's deployment of their In Water Turbines marks a huge stepping stone in their mission to become an energy provider in remote parts of the world.

With its current PPS at  $.135 SUNB offers traders the rare chance to pick up shares for pennies on the dollar in a rapidly moving company taking part in an industry set to explode for many years to come

SUNB is becoming a rapidly growing player in the the renewable energy industry which is valued at approximately $115 billion and is expected to increase about $10 billion each year with revenue forecasted to be as much as $325.1 billion by 2018.

The renewable energy sector is experiencing a significant increase in global demand. According to Bloomberg finance, investments in this sector for 2011 reached $230.7 billion, with over $136 billion in solar alone, which is a 36 percent growth over the last year. Financial experts predict steady increases for sustainable energy for years to come.

By early 2011, some 119 countries had policies or targets in place to support renewable energy, more than half of them in the developing world.

Canada is on board with these policies. Their “Eco-ENERGY Retrofit for Homes Program” encourages homeowners to make their homes more energy efficient and provides grants up to $5,000 to reduce energy costs; Canada’s Eco-ENERGY Retrofit for Homes Program reached a striking success that the deadline for registering for the program was extended nine months to the end of March.

As governments work to put in place a new agreement to replace or extend the Kyoto Protocol, low carbon solutions such as those offered by SUNB have become favorable due to their energy efficiency.

SUNB is offering its technologies to the 600 million individuals in Africa living with no access to electricity; SUNB is facilitating the current efforts to increase the African economic growth and reduce the countries’ poverty with clean energy supply. SUNB's commitment to providing renewable energy solutions to remote clients could lead to tremendous revenue in the near future:

  • Almost 1.5 billion people in the world do not have access to electricity. The unmet energy needs of these people are increasingly being met by "off grid" power from renewable sources.
  • In many instances, renewable power is the first choice, since it is the most cost competitive. In some instances renewable power provides the only option for energy.
  • The commercial opportunity in providing such affordable clean energy in these underdeveloped locations could amount to hundreds of billions of dollars!!!

Looking at the 3-month chart below one could see that SUNB has a history of breakout runs throughout the past months, showing traders gains of +405% and 97.3%!!!

A similar run up the chart from today's level could show traders day gains of +400!!!

SUNB'S Super Low Float has it moving on air!!!

SUNB could show traders massive day gains early today.

We are putting SUNB on HIGH ALERT.

We suggest all members keep a close eye on SUNB and be ready to put their buy orders in ASAP!!!

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Sunbelt signs agreement to provide water turbines
9:00a ET February 21, 2012 (PR NewsWire)

Sunbelt International (http://www.sunbelt-inter.com/) (OTCBB: SUNB) President Fang Soo Liu is pleased to announce that Sunbelt International has signed an agreement with Promithian Mining Inc to provide the company with Water Turbines. Promithian will utilize the sustainable energy provided by these water turbines to power exploration and mining operations in a remote area of the southern Yukon.

This deployment of the In Water Turbines marks a milestone for Sunbelt International, and is in alignment with the corporate strategy as an energy provider in remote parts of the world.

The deal calls for Sunbelt International to provide Water Turbines, which will generate up to six megawatts of power. This production of energy will allow Promithian to operate more efficiently. Diesel generators were previously used as a power source for these types of operations; however, this is a significantly more costly alternative to energy produced by hydropower at a ratio of approximately $1: $0.16 respectively for diesel generators versus In Water Turbines.

Hydropower produces over 24 percent of the world's electricity, and supplies more than 1 billion people with power. This number is on the rise, and Sunbelt International is taking advantage of this trend towards sustainable energy productions to aggressively penetrate emerging markets in remote areas.

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