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Stock Lock Of The Week


Today’s Stock Lock is Cono Italiano:

Symbol: CNOZ.ob

Current PPS: 0.04 (+60%)

Today’s High: 0.04 (+60%)

Avg. 10 Day Volume: 275.7k

Today’s Volume: 6.9 million!!! (SO FAR)

PSL members are strongly urged to put this on your watch list today.

This stock is looking to blow up now and into the future and here are some reasons why:

- With the cost of flour more than doubling in the past few years the average price of pizza is almost twice the amount then it was only 5 years ago. Frozen pizza is a less expensive alternative for families and, young singles.

- In 2009, Americans alone bought $4.4 BILLION worth of frozen pizza. If CNOZ and it's Pizza Cono locks in just 5% of this ever growing market they will be on pace to make roughly $220 million in sales in supermarkets and convenience stores alone.

CNOZ is aggressively targeting grocers of all sizes across the country. as well as wholesale giants Sam's Club and Costco

- Just this month, CNOZ announced that they will be marketing their products in a microwaveable-safe-box. a research director from CNOZ states. "You've got a generation that either doesn't like to cook or can't. They like to heat and eat." This PSL employee couldn't agree with him more!!!

- CNOZ is soon to be producing a line of products made with whole wheat dough

- CNOZ has been featured in an "Unwrapped" episode of the Food Network and has had excellent ratings by food critics published in AOL, USA TODAY, YAHOO, and Pizza Marketplace.

Please take the time to view the charts below and note the steady increase of price per share and volume. This stock is heating up and looks to be the next profit lock for our members.

Take your slice of the profit pie while it’s hot!!!!

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