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SPAH: Our Low Float Bouce Opportunity For Thursday

Company:          Spectrum Acquisition Holdings

Symbol:            SPAH.pk

Current PPS:      $0.018 <===  ground level PPS for a stock that was trading at $.82 a month ago!!!

10-Day Avg Vol:   1.2M

Suspected Float:  15M   <=== very tight float could cause the PPS to explode with a burst in volume

Website:  www.mineamerica.com

About the Company:

Spectrum Acquisition Holdings Inc (SPAH) Is an environmentally conscious engineering business serving the mining industry.

SPAH is committed to developing “Small footprint” technologies such as Laser Guidance Systems for Diamond Wire Stone Cutting, Apparatus for Digesting Metal Ore with Bacteria, and the latest Green Mining technologies.

Through their strategic acquisition of Avalon Perspectives Inc SPAH now has the mining rights to the highly desirable Graham Gulch Gold Mines located in the middle of one of the most famous high-grade gold sources in America. Not only is this property rich with minerals but, it also serves as a popular tourist destination. SPAH maximizes their ROI on this property by providing tourists the opportunity to see real gold mining in action while at the same time enjoying some of the best fly fishing in the area. If that wasn't enough they are also treated to a one of a kind camping experience on a stretch of land that has not been touched since our last ice age.

SPAH's acquisition Western American Mining Company and its "Green Mining" ecologically small footprint Patent Applications and business solidified their commitment to providing the most innovative Eco technologies in the market. Their non evasive approach to mining is helping SPAH gain first mover status in the budding bio-mining industry.

Looking at the chart below you can see SPAH blew up the charts on in the middle of December when it was trading at a similar level as today.  SPAH soon caught the attention of the trading world when it announced their commitment to Eco Mining technology on December 15th. The breaking news brought in a huge surge in volume causing the PPS to rise over 1000% in the course of a week.

The price has dipped down since then but we heard a rumor that fresh news is on the horizon. Traders who pick up shares now at what we feel is a bargain PPS $0.018 could be seeing major profits in the days to come.

We are urging members to keep a close eye on SPAH tomorrow and to be ready to pick up shares early tomorrow morning at 9:30am EST.

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Check your inbox early tomorrow morning to view our full in depth profile on SPAH.

Spectrum to Explore Feasibility of Eco Tours at Graham Gulch
4:15p ET December 22, 2011 (Business Wire)

Spectrum Acquisition Holdings, Inc. (OTC Markets: SPAH), a growing mining technology and services organization, to begin ecological tours in the Shasta Cascade region near the Oregon and California borders.

Spectrum Acquisition Holding Inc., through its acquisition of Avalon Perspectives Inc., has a start-up tourist destination and commercial mine located on the south fork of the Salmon River in Siskiyou County, California. Avalon Perspectives Inc. also operates a commercial gold mine and holds a lease to the mining rights of the property on which it is located. This lease allows the Company to mine the land for gold. Research suggests that there are additional gold pockets in this location that have yet to be tapped.

Source: http://www.theclaimpost.com/SALMONRIVERGOLDHISTORYAREAATTRACTIONS.html.

Siskiyou County, California is famous for both its beautiful scenery and its history of gold mining. Avalon Perspectives, Inc. is committed to providing the very best in service and amenities, catering to the needs of the large number of visitors to Siskiyou County, California interested in outdoor recreational activities.

"Gold prices continue to rise around the world as both the consumer and industrial demand for gold increases. By operating as a working commercial mine and a tourist destination, Avalon Perspectives will be able to create a strong revenue base that will facilitate growth and expand its green mining technology in the area as well as its ecological tourist services," stated A. Dale Henry, CEO/President.

Map of the location can be found at: http://www.theclaimpost.com/GRAHAMGULCH-MAP2.html.

About Spectrum Acquisition Holdings, Inc. (SPAH)

Spectrum Acquisition Holdings Inc. ("Spectrum" or "SPAH") is a new technologies engineering business serving the mining industry. It is developing "Small footprint" technologies including, Laser Guidance Systems for Diamond Wire Stone Cutting, Apparatus for Digesting Metal Ore with Bacteria and new Green Mining technologies that represent sustainable green mining innovations. SPAH is focused on producing cash flows from its Western American Mining division and Avalon acquisitions as well as its proprietary Eco Mining Technology.

Spectrum is executing a three-pronged strategy for growth. The Company is acquiring interests in high quality, low-risk gold projects with past production and sizeable resources. Spectrum is developing technology solutions to enable more sustainable, smaller footprint mineral exploration, production and processing. Spectrum is also pursuing acquisitions of mining sector service companies including operators, mine site service providers, equipment manufacturers, geology firms and technology developers.

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