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Symbol: SEHI.pk
Current PPS. $0.09
Outstanding Shares: 300M

10 Day Avg Vol: 6.7k


This highly diversified company has the right team and business plan to become a major player in the entertainment industry. They are truly a one stop shop for their clients.

About The Company:

Stadium Entertainment licenses prerecorded musical tracks embodying the performances of major record artists from major record companies for compilations that are released digitally and in traditional "brick & mortar" retail outlets. In addition it distributes, on line and digitally, recordings owned by other entertainment companies, record companies, producers and artists. It's charity division marries high profile arts projects with compatible charities in an effort to market the charitable cause and raise money for the organization. In addition to prerecorded music, videos, DVDs, films, E Books and computer games are also distributed and sold. Other services provided to all areas of the entertainment industry include promotional, marketing, business and advertising plans. It's management team is made up of seasoned and successful entertainment industry. SEHI is the brainchild of several of the biggest players in the music industry today. Their top tier management team consists of a who's who in the music and entertainment business.

I believe SEHI's biggest strength is the people they have running the show. So many startup companies fail not because of a bad product or poor business plan but because their leaders lack the experience and know how. SEHI's management is truly the cream of the crop...Let's go over their top management.

Camille Barbone: CO-Founder-President

Camille directs all the company’s operational activities and finances. Her recent accomplishments span over 35 years in the business and include:

  • Vice President; General Manager of Winedark/Fontana Universal Distribution supervising operational, administrative, budgetary and departmental activities and taking the company from a “start up” to more than $3 Million in Gross sales in just 10 months.
  • Vice President Artist Relations and General Management for Aezra EMI Records coordinating the efforts and activities derived from its $9 Million dollar budget.
  • Discovering, developing, managing and signing Madonna to her first recording contract.
  • Providing promotion, development, production, sales and marketing services to various clients including Arista, MCA, and Universal, Warner Brothers, Disney Music Publishing, SESAC, Warner Chappell Music, Atlantic, TVT Records and more.
  • Owning and operating two well known recording studios – Gotham Sound Studios in New York City, and Long View Farm Studios, a residential recording facility located on a 120-acre farm in rural Massachusetts. With clients such as The Indigo Girls, Geezer Butler of Black Sabbath, The Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, Michael Bolton, and Living Colour.
  • Coordinating and producing major musical concerts and series such as the American Express Songmasters Inside-Out series featuring gold and platinum-selling artists, the Gospel segment of Woodstock '94, two concerts at the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City for the Coca Cola Company and three performances at the 2003 Gravity Games.
  • Serving on the staff and teaching at the City University of New York/Baruch College for five years and creating and launching its Entertainment Marketing Department and Internship program.
  • Acting as music supervisor for key motion pictures and has placed songs and music in films by Steven Spielberg, Wes Craven, Disney, Miramax Films, and Cinepix.
  • Holding key positions as Production Director for Columbia/Epic, Director of New Release Production for Phonogram/Mercury and Director of Artist and Repertoire for Buddah Entertainment

John M. Betancourt: Senior VP and General Manager

  • Spearheading successful radio promotion campaigns for artists such as R. Kelly, Joe, Usher, Alicia Keys, Nelly, Justin Timberlake, and Jennifer Lopez, J Records, Jive Records, Virgin Records, TVT Records, EMI, Warner Brothers, Universal, RCA, Epic, and Loud Records through BMP, Inc.
  • Served as Sr. Vice President of Promotion for Polygram Records where he directed all radio and video promotion for pop, urban, country, adult contemporary, alternative, and cross-over music, supervised a staff of 85 people and coordinated the use of an annual $20 million budget that resulted in $300 million of domestic sales. Major projects have included Tears for Fears, Bon Jovi, John Mellencamp, Kool & The Gang, Kiss, Rush, ABC, Bananarama, Cameo, Level 42, and Def Leopard
  • Served as Sr. Vice President of Marketing and Promotion for RCA Records where he was responsible for planning all release and coordinating marketing, sales, promotion, cross-over and publicity efforts for all musical formats. Major projects included Alabama, Dolly Parton, Kenny Rogers, John Denver, Elvis Presley, Ronnie Milsap, David Bowie, Hall & Oates, Evelyn King, Stephanie Mills, and Jefferson Starship.
  • Wyman Jones: VP of Promotion

    • Serving as head of the Urban Music Department for Warner Bros Records, where he managed all operational phrases of each promotional and marketing campaign for signed artist as well as subsidiary and distributed labels. He handled all l budgetary and personnel departmental decisions and also exercised voting status in Urban A&R artist signings.
    • As the Sr. Vice President of Urban Music for Dreamworks Records, he directed a staff of 16 in all phases of promotion and marketing activity for signed artists and the roster of all distributed labels. In addition, he developed and organized the company’s first "Street Team," a practice and innovation that spread throughout the industry.
    • While working at Motown Records he served as its Sr. VP of Promotion and Marketing, Motown and Mercury Records where he conducted and coordinated promotion/marketing strategies and coordinating a staff of 19.
    • As Sr. VP of Urban Promotion for Virgin Records, Wayman developed and implemented radio, video and "street" campaigns for all scheduled artist releases and through his department coordinated Artist Development activities with his Pop promotion counterpart.
    • Rose to VP of R&B Promotion for PolyGram Records after being hired as s a Regional Promotion Manager, and an interim term as its National Promotion Manager before ultimately running the department. During his tenure, Wayman directed a field promotion staff of nine and worked closely with the Artist Development and Publicity Departments.
    • As National Promotion Manager for Arista Records responsibilities included promotional activity for the geographical area from Boston, MA to Virginia, NY to Ohio where he managed all promotional activities for the R&B Department.

    A brief list of the artist's they have worked with....

    Elvis Prestley
    Kanye West
    The Rolling Stones
    Kenny Rogers
    David Bowie
    and thats just the tip of the iceberg.

    SEHI has been flying under the radar for awhile but not for long. This is the perfect opportunity to get in early on what I feel is a highly undervalued stock.

    SEHI has been trading at $0.09 for a while now and has an untested restistance level. With the anticipated volume set for tommorow SEHI could pick up some serious momentum after the opening bell and easily break through its weak resistance level of $0.15 and possibly make a huge run up the charts!!!

    I am urging all members to put SEHI on their watchlists and to place their buy orders early 9:30 am EST. To get in on this possible breakout stock as early as possible!!! Just like our last two breakout stocks RCYT AND RNVG members who put their buy orders in early made the biggest gains.

    Website: http://www.stadiumentertainment.net/

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