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RHCO Today's Low Float Breakout Plan

Company: Readen Holding Corp.

Symbol: RHCO.pk

Current PPS: $0.19 (Incredible Entry Point Huge Upside Potential)

Outstanding Shares: 150.2M

Float: 23.7M

Websites: www.readenholdingcorp.com

This venture capital organization has subsidiaries in several growth industries with a focus on the $890 Billion Telecom industry.

With a low float of just 23.7M, RHCO could see a huge breakout early this morning after the opening bell.

The company announced huge news yesterday regarding the signing of a preliminary acquisition contract for the purchase of 81% of the shares of ASYANS; a research, development company and patent holder of the uplex® concept which is a is multi programmable, maximized security, high processing power(40-100Mips) and Memory (1GB up to 64GB) chip.

The uplex® has already sparked the interests of some of the largest companies in the industry.

A prudent forecast says that this acquisition will bring RHCO $250 million in sales revenue in the second year of operations.

We also heard a rumor that RHCO is set to release even bigger news as early as today!!!

RHCO is also set to launch a new product line of Android smartphones tomorrow!!!

RHCO already has a history of profitable runs in the past. Today could be the kickoff of yet another +400% run up the chart.

RHCO has been showing bullish technicals as of late and is listed as a "BUY" for traders by the analysts at barchart.com.

RHCO deserves your immediate attention put it on the top of your watchlist and be ready to pick up shares early this morning at 9:30am EST.

About the Company:

Readen Holding Corp. (RHCO.pk) Founded in 1953 and based out of Hartford, CT RHCO specializes in investing and shareholding of companies in the telecom, recycling, food supplements, real estate, and entertainment industries. RHCO has access to an extensive, influential, and loyal network of business relations and investors.

RHCO's ability to diversify themselves through their subsidiaries opens up several revenue channels and unlimited growth opportunity.

Profiting Through Diversification

We mentioned above about RHCO's highly diversified family of companies.

RHCO's real estate holding company Readen Real Estate B.V. made headlines last week when they announced the signing of a letter of intent for the purchase of the castle estate Altembrouck in Gravenvoeren, Belgium.

RHCO purchased 55 acres of land and the 60.000 Sq ft property Altembrouck for the amount of $8,500,000 dollars which is a great value since the appraisal report made in 2011 noted a value of the property as $16,500,000.

The property has unlimited revenue potential it is located in a highly desirable location. The grounds contain a castle ideal for receptions and a newly renovated 45 room hotel.

Tomorrow is looking to be an exciting day for RHCO as well.

D5 Mobile, a wholly owned subsidiary of RHCO will be launching 2 new Android based smartphones. The D606 is a dual function touchscreen with a full QWERTY keyboard aimed at the professional market, while the D707, a full touchscreen device is aimed at the consumer market.

This new product launch represents yet another possible revenue channel for RHCO.

D5 Mobile also plans to develop a complete product line using RHCO's newly acquired uplex® platform.

Below is a complete list of RHCO's subsidiaries:

D5 Avenue Ltd.

D5 Avenue Limited is a online business to consumer organization specialized in mobilephones, tablets and gadgets. the collection offered also contains  secondhand phones. Their website is primarily focused on a competitive price.

Readen Real estate B.V.

Readen Real Estate B.V. is the real estate holding for our group, currently owner of Drachten Storage Holding B.V. which holds and operates a City Box (a self-storage service franchise) in the town of Drachten .Readen Real Estate B.V. is planning to acquire real estate properties which are in synergy with and add value to the total of the Business of Readen Holding Corp. and its subsidiaries.

Yoho Telecom

Yoho Telecom is responsible for sales and marketing of all labels prepaid vouchers and simcards as well as the physical and electronic distribution via the terminals. Labels like Lyca, Lebara, Kpn, Vodafone, T-mobile and many more brands to major retailers and distributors.

Moho Telecom

Moho Telecom is responsible for providing mobile phones and telecom related products to fulfill the wishes and needs of European users. The company is divided in 2 divisions; D5 mobile hardware (mobile phone related) products and the second division is responsible for the sales distribution of prepaid vouchers and sim cards. One of the key values of Moho Telecom is to ensure a high standard in design, quality and functionality of mobile phones and market matching software applications. D5 Mobile products are sold and marketed by the company’s sales representatives to European retailers, Internet and B2B network sellers. The strength of the product lines and services is the exclusively owned mobile phone software, developed and supplied by the organization. D5 mobile is a private label owned by Readen Holding Ltd. The D5 mobile head office is located in the Netherlands.


Within the fast growing Music download market Onmix on-line music store provides a music platform based on the prepaid and postpaid telecom market with a unique proposition and billing system. This system supports the Android platform and provides a unique user based play-list with all worldwide content.


D5 Mobile has opened an office in Paris, in cooperation with our partner Chen Trading of Hong Kong. The organization is responsible for the sales and distribution of the company’s full product line and services to the French and Belgian market. The management of the company has 30 years of combined experience in the French and Belgian market and is working with the larger retailers like Carrefour and Auchan.

Readen Industries Asia LTD

Readen Industries Asia consist of 2 divisions; The first division is the R&D, product development, designing and innovation office is responsible for the purchase and production-planning and all the communication with the hardware and application developers. The second division is responsible for the purchase and distribution of plastics used for the recycling industry in Asia.

Vitalon Holland

Within the ever growing market of milk powder products Vitalon Holland is responsible for production and distribution of a wide range of infant milk formulas to meet babies nutritional needs. Vitalon has a distribution network which provides the products from offices in Holland and Hong Kong.

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Readen Holding Corp. (PINKSHEETS: RHCO) Announced the Signing of a Letter of Intent for the Most Revolutionary Acquisition Since the Company's Existence
9:04a ET June 13, 2012 (Market Wire)


In the process of becoming a major participant in the telecom industry the company signed a preliminary acquisition contract for the purchase of 81% of the shares of ASYANS a research, development company and patent holder of the uplex(R) concept.

ASYANS Holds patents and patents pending of the uplex(R), a new chip design platform invention developed in house by their Team of R&D and technology engineers working hand in hand with prestige's technical institutes like:

TNO - DUTCH ORGANISATION FOR Scientific Research, http://www.tno.nl/index.cfm?Taal=2

TU/E - Eindhoven University of Technology, http://www.tue.nl/en/

Sioux - Group of 300 multidisciplinary engineers, http://www.sioux.nl/en.html

Neways - Electronics International N.V. http://www.neways.nl

The uplex(R) concept is multi programmable, maximized security, a high processing power(40-100Mips) and Memory (1GB up to 64GB) in one product.

The uplex(R) will be implemented in mobile Smartphone's, Internet data, music & video storage, smartcard, credit and bank cards and will be used in a multitude of security card, medical card, driver's licenses, possible passports, ID cards including finger print, iris and face scan, several of world's largest companies in the industry have shown tremendous interest, prototypes have been approved and are waiting for the company to start the production.

The uplex(R) platform design, offers more innovations for the coming years where by "Moore's Law" will be postponed.

We envision that manufacturers will be adapting and gladly use the uplex(R) platform based upon a joint venture or license agreement several of world largest producers of the above mentioned products are anxious waiting for the first production.

The company forecasts that the first deliveries will be done around the second quarter of 2013 and shortly after the first licensing agreements will be signed.

A prudent forecast says that this will bring RHCO a 250 million dollar sales revenue in the second year of operations.

Readen Holding Corp. committed themselves to a 10 million dollar initial investment which will be realized via private placements from external investors and two potential customers.

A unique 3D Chip platform development, resulting in a Chip, named "uplex(R), with all computing processing power and storage in one. The successful development, the first in its kind, concerns 3D integration and face to face stacking of a CPU (own design) and memories, seamless applicable and varying between 1MB - 64Gb and in next stage with even higher storage capacities up to 384Gb, all in one chip! We are the first to make direct communication possible between the two products, (CPU and Memory).

Ronald Steenbergen, Readen Holding Corp., Chairman quote

We have been working for the last 10 months to realize this acquisition and the financial commitment, we strongly believe that it is hard to estimate the size of this potential product. Our only focus is to start production as soon as possible and make the right decisions of how to license the product so that the Asyans engineers can go on with the development of the uplex(R) generations to come. The company has planned for their own Brand D5 Mobile to develop a complete product line using the uplex(R) platform.

Readen Group's mission statement is to be a valuable partner for customers in terms of technical flexibility, quality and competitive pricing through the complete value chain (SIM cards, mobile phones and applications).



This press release may contain forward-looking statements, including, but not limited to, statements regarding Readen Holding Corporation and its plans, products and related market potential. Forward-looking statements may be identified by the use of the words "anticipates," "expects," "intends," "plans," "should," "could," "would," "may," "will," "believes," "estimates," "potential" or "continue" and variations or similar expressions. These statements are based upon the current expectations and beliefs of management and are subject to certain risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from those described in the forward-looking statements. These risks and uncertainties include, but are not limited to, risks and uncertainties discussed in Readen Holding Corporation's postings on the OTC Markets Disclosure & News Service and future filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, which factors are incorporated herein by reference. Readers are cautioned not to place undue reliance on any of these forward-looking statements. Readen Holding Corporation undertakes no obligation to update any of these forward-looking statements to reflect events or circumstances after the date of this press release or to reflect actual outcomes.

Readen Holding Corp.
Ronald Steenbergen
+31 3562 99970
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SOURCE: Readen Holding Corp.

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