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QSPW: Quantum Solar Power Corp. 


Company: Quantum Solar Power Corp.

Symbol: QSPW.ob

Current PPS: $0.61

Outstanding Shares: 149Million

Float: 114.84Million

10 Day Avg. Volume: 87k

Website: www.QuantumSP.com

Quantum Solar Power Corp. (QSPW.ob) is a U.S. based company with offices located in Canada and Germany. QSPW is currently in the process of developing and commercializing a revolutionary new solar power technology.

QSPW has the key to the future of solar power technology. Their Quantum Next Generation Devices (NGD™) will break down the barriers of expense, efficiency, and scalability that comes hand in hand with traditional solar PV technology. Quantum NGD™ is being developed with the goal of realistically replacing coal generated electricity with affordable efficient solar power production. Their one of a kind patented solar power technology could be the "holy grail" of energy technologies that will rid us of our current fossil fuel dependencies.

 Why is this important?

As of November our current global population was 7 billion with that number set to increase to 9 billion by the year 2050. This steady rise in population along with the economic shift of what were once considered lower economic nations such as China and India will result in an unsustainable 35 terawatt increase in the demand of continuous energy from today's level to the year 2050.

We cannot rely on our current energy sources of coal, natural gas, and nuclear to guide us into the future. Not only do they have a negative effect on our fragile ecosystem but they are also of limited supply. It is imperative that we find a sustainable renewable resource alternative to resolve our current energy crisis.

Out of all the renewable resources available only solar energy has the ability to meet and exceed our energy needs.

The sun produces more energy in one day the the global population consumes in a year. Because of the unlimited energy potential the sun possesses it is no surprise why solar energy is the preferred choice in supplying all of our future energy needs. Unfortunately our current photovoltaic (PV) technologies are to costly and inefficient to be used as a realistic solution to our energy crisis.

QSPW has the answer to our energy woes

QSPW's Quantum NGD™ technology has the answer to the three main barriers that are preventing the transition to a global solar power implementation. QSPW's Quantum NGD™ solves the current limitation of traditional PV design which are:

  • The use of Photovoltaic cells that use abundant materials (Si) that are expensive to manufacture (high efficiency high cost)
  • The use of less expensive PV (thin-film) is unable to achieve the higher efficiencies of Silicon PV (low cost but low efficiency)
  • The use of rare and toxic materials

QSPW's Quantum NGD™ technology solves these limitations avoiding the use of a semiconductor absorber that is used by traditional solar energy providers. The lack of a semiconductor absorber vastly decreases production costs and eliminates their dependence on expensive silicon components. Their unique patent-pending NGD™ charge separation system delivers broadband response while avoiding the use of Gallium, Tellurium, or Indium harmful materials which have limited the large scale implementation of solar energy. QSPW's technology has the ability to reach 20-30% power conversion efficiencies matching the current costs of coal. The fact that it is 100% free of the harmful toxic elements associated with other solar technologies makes it a viable global deployment solution.

QSPW's profit potential

 QSPW has a unique in demand product in an already budding industry. The renewable energy industry is set for tremendous growth, it is currently valued at approximately $115 billion and is expected to increase to close to $10 billion each year with revenue forecast to be as much as $325 billion by the year 2018.  

QSPW and their shareholders could benefit big time should solar power become the sole alternative to replace fossil fuels or at least becomes a major percentage of the U.S. electricity production. Experts believe that the U.S. solar module market could reach an estimated $200 billion per year equating to a total value of $1 trillion for the global market over the next 40 years.

QSPW also benefits from the Obama administration's huge push to go green. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act offers companies several financial incentives to use alternative energy solutions like solar energy. 

As we mentioned before QSPW has a strategic location in Germany. Why is this important?

  • Germany is one of the world’s leading photovoltaic installers, with a solar PV capacity of almost 17,000 MW on-line in 2010, a number 10 times greater than the entire USA at 1,730 MW.
  • Germany has set a long term target of 66GW of installed solar PV capacity. The fact that Germany is embracing the transition to solar energy so much is encouraging as it may serve as a buffer to other nations who may have been reluctant to embrace it in the past.

Let's not forget our past success with energy plays this year..our most recent energy pick SPOW which we alerted about 2 months ago at $0.30 and watched it hit a high of $0.58 (+93.33%) for near triple gainer status. SPOW's past success leaves us extremely optimistic about QSPW's profit potential

QSPW closed out on the high-of-the-day on Friday. Will the upward momentum continue into today?? We think so...

QSPW is still flying under the radar of most traders making the current PPS of $0.61 a great entry point with tremendous upside potential. 

But don't expect QSPW to stay under the radar for long...

QSPW has took a major step towards reaching their goal of changing the way we think of solar technology  last week when it announced the hiring of Mirador Consulting LLC ("Mirador") and Pristine Capital Corp. ("PCC"). to be their investor relations consultants. Both companies have a long history of success with providing maximum exposure for companies looking to reach out to the investment community. The future looks "bright" for QSPW and their shareholders.

We suggest all members to put QSPW on their watch lists today and to read their latest press release below.

Quantum Solar Power Hires New Consultants

3:32p ET December 7, 2011 (Market Wire)

Quantum Solar Power Corp. ("Quantum") (OTCBB: QSPW) has entered into a consulting agreement with each of Mirador Consulting LLC ("Mirador") and Pristine Capital Corp. ("PCC"). PCC and Mirador will serve as investor relations consultants to Quantum. We expect that their consultation will help maximize Quantum's exposure in the investment community.

Under the terms of the consulting agreement with Mirador (the "Mirador Agreement"), Mirador has agreed to provide consulting services to Quantum. The Mirador Agreement is effective December 1, 2011 and is for a term of 6 months. In consideration of the consulting services, Quantum will issue 250,000 shares of Quantum's common stock to Mirador on execution and 250,000 shares after the three-month anniversary of the Mirador Agreement unless the Mirador Agreement has been terminated prior to that date.

Under the terms of the consulting agreement with PCC (the "PCC Agreement"), PCC has agreed to provide investor relations consulting services to Quantum. The PCC Agreement is effective December 1, 2011 and is for a term of 3 months. In consideration of PCC's consulting services, Quantum will pay $100,000 CDN, including HST to PCC, at the beginning of each month the PCC Agreement is in effect. Quantum may terminate the PCC Agreement without cause during the first 30 days of the PCC Agreement after which, Quantum may only terminate with cause.

About Pristine Capital Corp. Pristine Capital Corp. has assisted several companies in the development and implementation of international branding and distribution in China, Korea, Japan and Across North America. Pristine Capital Corp. currently consults on investor relations, corporate strategy and development and property acquisitions, as well as assisting in financing for both private and public companies. Pristine Capital Corp. has an extensive network of fund managers and private bankers across North America.

About Mirador Consulting Mirador Consulting (www.miradorconsulting.com) is a full-service corporate consulting firm providing a range of investor exposure, image consulting and other related services to micro-cap and middle-market NASDAQ-listed companies.

About Quantum Solar Power Corp. Quantum Solar Power Corp. is developing a "Next Generation Device" (NGD(TM)) photovoltaic technology. Quantum's NGD(TM) is a patent pending, laboratory model that utilizes a new approach to solar power conversion with the potential to remove the necessity of utilizing expensive silicon semiconductor-based technologies. We believe Quantum's NGD(TM) technology has the potential to match the efficiency of crystalline silicon PV at the cost of thin film PV. The anticipated NGD(TM) technology is free of any rare element dependencies found in other current solar technologies. We believe Quantum has the potential to create solar cells (through manufacturing partnerships) at significantly less cost per watt than current technologies. Quantum Solar Power has offices in the U.S. and Canada and can be found on the web at: www.quantumsp.com.


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