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MNDP Mundus Group Inc is our HI-TECH Penny Play For Friday


MNDP Announces Plans to Acquire Chapman Aerospace!!!

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Symbol::               MNDP

Current PPS:         $0.03 (Support Level Great Comfortable Entry Point)

10 AVG VOL.:     22.9K

Outstanding Share: 11.1M

FLOAT:                 8.5M (Very Tight Float)

Mundus Group, Inc (Symbol MNDP.pk) is looking to be on the verge of a significant breakout tomorrow morning. This highly diversified tech company has vision like no other. They believe that the future is now and nothing is getting in the way of their innovation. The Las Vegas, Nevada based company founded in 1992 specializes in all phases of aerospace technology products including their design, development, production, and even marketing. MNDP offers worldwide product services and sales to their clients in the Aerospace and Transportation Industry sectors. They provide patented VTOL technology (Vertical Take Off and Landing) for experimental aircraft and (UAV's) Unmanned Air Vehicles. MNDP also provides services through their fully owned subsidiaries’. Roadable Aircraft International (RAI), and Air Drone Inc. MNDP has a vast client based which includes movie, documentary and aerial cinematography and Government and emergency services.

One of the Government agencies dealing with MNDP is the US Navy. They have been using MNDP's UAV's as a means of aerial observation and environmental testing. MNDP's is focused on becoming the market leader in the innovative field of aerospace technology and radical transportation vehicles. MNDP's has a long term goal of developing and marketing the world’s first vertical takeoff vehicle which will be able to take off and land without the use of a runway and be driven like any other vehicle on the road today. MNDP is not showing any signs of slowing down they recently acquired Goki Manufacturing, a company that specializes in metal manufacturing serving the off -road racing market which has a reputation for highly durable vehicles and parts. Some of Goki's clients include big time industry names like Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Yamaha. After the acquisition of Goki MNDP quickly announced their plans to build the patent pending "200 mph Xpod XTrava". Read more about this acquisition.

Key Points on Why We Love MNDP as our Friday HI-Tech Play

  • MNDP is trading at support level which is a great entry point meaning that stock has reached its bottom and chances are it will not go any lower leaving investors comfortable with their buying price
  • MNDP has over 20 years in the UAV market and has developed a solid reputation as a quality UAV producer
  • MNDP has no shortage of clients. They have customers in all the following sectors: Movies, Government, Homeland Security, Border Patrol, Mining, Emergency Services, and the list goes on and on.
  • MNDP subsidiary Goki Manufacturing will be in high demand to help rebuild and repair Japan's vehicles which were all buy demolished by Tsunami's earlier this year.
  • MNDP has a strong innovative nature companies like this are the ones that tend to leave an impact on their industry and their shareholders seem to always reap the benefits
  • With big name clients like Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Yamaha MNDP won't be flying off the radar for long.
  • Barchart has also taken notice and MNDP is currently listed as a buy 


  • We believe there may be big news will be released tomorrow..so keep an eye on MNDP 

We are talking about some serious innovation over here. The future looks bright for MNDP and its shareholders.

Visit their website to learn more about this exciting and innovative company and pick up some shares early 9:30am



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