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Thursday's Super Low Float SubPenny Alert Just Released Major News



Company: Minerco Resources, Inc.

Symbol: MINE.pk

Current PPS: $0.0095

Outstanding Shares: 65.9M

Float: 15.4M

10 Day Avg. Volume: 56.1K

Website: www.minercoresources.com

About the Company:

Minerco Resources, Inc. (MINE.pk) founded 2007 and headquartered in Kano, Texas, MINE is a progressive developer, producer and provider of clean, renewable energy solutions in Latin America.

MINE's has developed a new "Green Vision" with a goal of becoming a leader in clean, green, renewable energy generation is Latin America. MINE believes the timing is right for investing in and developing clean, renewable, alternative energy solutions, specifically hydro-electric and wind powered projects in Latin America.

The natural resources for this kind of energy creation and delivery throughout the region are underdeveloped and largely unexploited. Additionally, the incentives for clean energy generation in these countries are abundant. Latin American countries are hungry to develop clean energy and have created numerous incentives to promote and streamline development.

MINE has taken a special interest in the country of Honduras.

Their Chiligatoro Hydro-Electric Project looks to capitalize on the major potential of untapped indigenous renewable energy in Honduras. As oil prices continue to rise the demand to produce renewable resources at competitive prices has never been greater.

Currently, over $2 billion a year are being spent on fossil fuels for power generation in Honduras.

The purpose of the Chiligatoro Hydro-Electric Project is to supply clean energy to Honduras utilizing the Chiligatoro and Manazapa rivers to create a run of the river hydro-electric generation plant. The  Project will generate a continuous hydro-electric stream of 6 mega-watts (MW) per hour, 24 hours/day, and 365 days/year for a total of 52,560 MW/year.

The Project will generate clean "green" energy and is expected to reduce nearly 31,000 tons of CO2 emissions to the environment.

MINE will benefit from Honduras's friendly clean energy project which includes the following:

  • Electricity price (US$ 115.97 MW/hour based on current Marginal Rate)
  • Renewable Energy Bonus (10% over marginal cost)
  • Low power generation operating expenses
  • Investment guarantee in US$ (provided by Honduran government through the U.N. and World Bank)
  • No import or sales taxes on construction materials
  • No sales tax on electricity sales
  • Income tax holiday (usually 5 years)
  • Clean energy required to be purchased first by power grid (Honduras law)
  • Carbon Emission Reduction (CER) Eligibility

The project is estimated to have the potential capacity to gross $4.2 million per year once fully operational and has an estimated internal rate of return of 26%.

We are putting MINE on HIGH ALERT.

We will be releasing our Full Report on MINE tomorrow morning.

We suggest all members read our report and keep a close eye on MINE early tomorrow morning 9:30am EST.

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Minerco Resources, Inc. Announces Secondary Related Line of Business

4:30p ET May 9, 2012 (PR NewsWire)

Minerco Resources, Inc. (OTCQB: MINE), a progressive developer, producer and provider of clean, renewable energy solutions in Latin America, releases corporate update that it will add an additional line of business to its existing business model.

Minerco intends to expand its business model into the traditional energy markets within the United States in addition to clean, renewable energy solutions in Latin America. The company intends to leverage the expertise of its executive management. Traditional energy investments, such as oil and gas, would provide the company the opportunity to earn revenue in the short term through the purchase of minority interests in currently producing and development oil and gas properties. The properties we are currently evaluating have an estimated 30% annual return with initial capital expenditures between $50 and $100 thousand.

"We are very excited to announce the expansion of our business model into traditional energy investments such as oil and gas. This would allow us an opportunity to invest in existing production and development oil and gas properties which would allow us to earn revenue in the short term." said V. Scott Vanis, Minerco's President and CEO.

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