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LIMO Tuesday's Award Winning Bottom'd Chart Breakout Play

Company: Li-Ion Motors Corp.

Symbol: LIMO.ob

Current PPS: $0.30<= Ground Level Opportunity Was Trading At $5.60 Less Than 1 year ago!!!

Outstanding Shares: 6.42M

Float: 5.42M

10 Day Avg. Volume: 152.8K

Website: www.li-ionmotors.com

About the Company:

Li-Ion Motors Corp. (LIMO.ob) headquartered in Mooresville, NC with corporate offices in Las Vegas, NV, is a leading developer and manufacturer of electric powered automobiles including the WAVE II and the INIZIO.

With over 10 year's experience and expertise in the conversion of internal combustion cars to all electric for both individual and corporate customers as well as government agencies such as NASA. Over those 10 years LIMO has accomplished its fair share of awards and milestones. The most notable one being the highly convented Progressive Automotive X Prize in 2010 for its WAVE II. LIMO's WAVE II automobile features an electric motor powered by lithium ion batteries that use LIMO's proprietary battery management system (BMS) The highly fuel efficient WAVE II was certified by the Argonne National Laboratory at an astonishing 202.5 MPG!!!

Also in LIMO's fleet is the Inizio, The Inizio is the world’s fastest 100% electric car. This supercar is capable of reaching speeds up to 170 mph and acceleration from 0-60 mph in up to 3.4 seconds!!!

***See the Inizio in action by clicking the video below***

In addition to the production of original vehicles, LIMO also licenses its proprietary BMS and cutting edge technology to automobile manufacturers seeking to advance their electric vehicle offerings.

Once such licensing agreement was just announced a few weeks ago when LIMO announced their licensing agreement with Lithium Electric Vehicle Corp. ("LEVC") of Canada which will allow them to benefit from Canadian government incentives especially those offered in the province of Quebec, to ensure the technology will remain the industry leader.

LIMO is displaying what we feel are great technicals. The analysts at barchart.com have given LIMO their highest confidence rating listing it as a "STRONG BUY" for traders.


We are putting LIMO on HIGH ALERT.

We suggest all members keep a close eye on LIMO tomorrow morning.

Remember as always we will be releasing our full report on LIMO early tomorrow at 7:30am EST so be sure to check your inbox.

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Li-ion Motors Corp. (OTCBB: LIMO) Expands Its License Agreement With Lithium Electric Vehicle Corp in Canada Enabling LEVC to Receive Canada and Quebec R&D Incentives
8:01a ET March 5, 2012 (Market Wire)

Li-ion Motors Corp, (OTCBB: LIMO), www.Li-ionMotors.com, winner of the 2010 X-Prize using 21st Century Design & Engineering of emission-free, all electric high speed long range automotive propulsion systems using the latest lithium-ion battery technology, reveals plans for additional collaboration and an amended license agreement with Lithium Electric Vehicle Corp. ("LEVC") of Canada to benefit from the Canadian government incentives especially those offered in the province of Quebec, to ensure the technology will remain the industry leader.

In an effort to enable Canadian and Quebec companies to become and remain innovative, the Canadian and Quebec governments have implemented tax incentives to support companies in their research and development initiatives. Canada and Quebec have become one of the most attractive places in the world for research and development.

The Canadian federal income tax credit program for Scientific Research and Experimental Development ("SR&ED") sets out the conditions for basic and applied research or for experimental development to qualify for tax incentives. A project and its activities must meet all three criteria, namely: scientific or technological advancement, scientific or technological uncertainty, and, scientific or technical content.

Li-ion's fully electric vehicles, the Inizio and Wave, along with the battery management system (BMS) and electric propulsion system are a technological advancement over the gas guzzling traditional car, there remains uncertainty regarding the public commitment to purchase electric vehicles, and the technological advancement make Li-ion and LEVC a good fit for this program. In Quebec the program is structured to reimburse up to 90% of R&D completed in Canada.

Working together will allow Li-ion to strengthen their technology which was proven to be leading edge by the 2010 X-Prize competition. By continuously refining and increasing the efficiency of the electric propulsion system Li-ion plans to maintain the leading edge worldwide. Under the amended agreement Canadian LEVC will have a three year non-exclusive right to market the Inizio and the Wave throughout the entire world.

Li-ion believes the Canadian and Quebec government programs are the most R&D friendly of any we have seen and allow for the best and most realistic opportunity to bring our products to market with full certification. The amended agreement with LEVC will ensure our technology remains cutting edge now and into the future.

LEVC intends to obtain highway certification for both vehicles and commence production as soon as possible with the help of private investors and government funding.

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