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LGMH Releases Huge After Market News; PrayerMail App Now Available For Download

Company: Light Media Holdings, Inc.

Symbol: LGMH.pk

Current PPS: $0.095

Outstanding Shares: 38.3M

Float: 7M

10 Day Avg. Volume: 19.8K

Website: www.lightmediaholdings.com

About the Company:

Light Media Holdings, Inc. (LGMH.pk) Founded in 2006 and based in Atlanta, Georgia LGMH markets, produces and distributes inspirational music, video, video games, print media and entertainment in the Urban Media space through its network of radio, Internet, television, print and special events global business platforms and marketing and alliance partners. LGMH is also the 20th publicly-traded radio/media conglomerate  of the prestigious RBR-TVBR Stocks Index. LGMH also generates revenue through the use of Internet advertising via its vast network of websites which includes the following:

LGMH is focused on creating infinite value and synergy via development, investment, and/or acquisition of diverse assets and technologies, coupled with distribution of products or services advancing community interests, while simultaneously providing a positive return on investment to its stakeholders.

We are putting LGMH on HIGH ALERT.

We suggest all members read LGMH's latest press release below and be ready to pick up shares early tomorrow morning at 9:30am EST

Remember to trade smart and to take profits when you can.

Light Media Releases PrayerMail App in iTunes
4:05p ET May 11, 2012 (PR NewsWire)

Light Media (OTC Markets: LGMH), Inspirational Media Specialist, announced today that it has officially released PrayerMail App for iPhones/iPads. PrayerMail is now available for downloading on iPhones and iPad devices from the Apple iTunes Store by clicking here: PrayerMail or via copying/pasting the following link in your web-browser: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/prayermail/id523509884?mt=8.

"Light Media made the strategic decision to develop its own smartphone Apps, as a licensed Apple IOS Developer, in order to remain on pace with rapidly evolving technology trends. With 50.4% of all cellphone subscribers owning smartphones (and rising), per a May 2012 Nielsen research report, Apps will continue to be an important part of organic brand-building and positioning solidification for customer-centric enterprises--especially with over 156 million iPhones and iPads (and growing) now in use worldwide. Facebook's recent acquisition of Instagram (Photo-Sharing App) for $1 Billion also provided a good strategic blue-print for how Apps can be relatively cost-effective and efficient technology tools for transforming markets.

Parallel with the successful launch of PrayerMail App in iTunes, PrayerSpace.com, PrayerWall.com, PrayerMail.com, PrayerMail.net and PrayerMail.org have now all merged traffic to send visitors directly to the Apple iTunes Store PrayerMail page leveraging viral traffic of the Light Media Network. PrayerMail is now being further customized for the Android Apps Store, and once completed, Light Media's engineers will begin working on additional proprietary Inspirational Media Lifestyle Apps. Light Media, Inspirational Media Specialist, remains focused and committed to maximizing corporate value, community well-being and shareholder wealth," said Danny Wilson, CEO of Light Media. Acts 5:33-39.

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