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LDPP Is Today's Low Float Subpenny Momentum Play

Company: London Pacific & Partners Inc.

Symbol: LDPP.pk

Current PPS: $0.0026

Outstanding Shares: 93.8M

Float: 19M (Low Float!!)

10 Day Avg. Volume: 169.9K

Website: www.LondonPacificGroup.com

About the company:

London Pacific & Partners (LDPP) offers its clients a comprehensive focus on the complexities and dynamics of the healthcare, hospitality and financial services industries, along with hands-on operationally-oriented strategic and business development.  London Pacific & Partners, Inc. Has Four Synergistic Businesses:

1) London & Pacific Healthcare Ventures provides comprehensive management and development services to growing companies operating in the healthcare services sector. Included in the offering are:
  • Clinical guidance regarding developing technologies
  • Commercial strategy for development of healthcare management companies
  • Specialized strategic guidance
  • Financial planning for operations and reimbursement
  • Regulatory and compliance support.

2) London & Pacific Capital Advisors, LLC (“LPCA”), a member of FINRA and a licensed Broker-Dealer, was founded on the principle that healthcare entities require specialized attention and expertise for their financial needs.  LPCA provides customized investment banking services to cater to the specific needs of its healthcare clients.  LPCA’s capabilities include services encompassing:

  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Financial Advisory
  • Financings

3) London Pacific & Partners has joined with Harrell Hospitality Group to provide comprehensive financial and management solutions for the hospital industry, including:
  • Hospitality venture funding
  • Facility development
  • Facility management

4) L&P, through Acadia Group Advisors, is an international corporate finance and private equity advisor that specializes in investment portfolio management and transaction execution.  Acadia’s team of experienced professionals has advised and managed a wide variety of complex public and private financial transactions in multiple geographic areas and industries.

The services provided by Acadia include:
  • Capital raising as principal
  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Management team development
  • Infrastructure development for operations, compliance
  • Filing, auditing, reporting assistance for publicly-traded companies
  • Formation of special-purpose vehicles for transactions
  • Private equity and portfolio management
  • Company formation
  • Exchange-listing services for companies seeking to go public
  • Full-service healthcare and hospitality management
  • Single source for financial solutions and products

At just $0.0026 per share we feel LDPP is extremely undervalued and has limitless upside potential. Its low float of 19million is very attractive, looking at the six month chart below you can see the volatility of LDPP. At a similar PPS LDPP shot up the charts and reached near pennyland status on a mediocre 2million share order!!! A similar run today could profit traders gains of +300%. However, we think LDPP could see gains as much as +1000%!!!

The BUZZ is around LDPP is strong and we suggest all members put LDPP on their watchlist and be ready to pick up shares ASAP as this subpenny stock has the potential for big gains in a short amount of time...Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates on LDPP.

As always remember to perform your own due diligence and to take profits whenever possible.

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