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HRDN Is Today's Low Float Bottom'd Chart Penny Play. PennyStockLocks is already off to a great start in Quarter 4. FXPT Our alert from last Tuesday hit a high of $0.39 for an impressive +53.54% gain for our members. PSL looks to continue our hot streak with Today's play HRDN. Please read our in depth analysis on HRDN below and pick up some shares ASAP 9:30 am EST.

Symbol: HRDN.pk

Current PPS:0.0534 (Bottom'd out Chart Great Entry Point)

10 Day Avg. Volume: 83.3K

Outstanding Shares: 40.3M

Float: 31.18M (Low)

About the Company:

HRDN DC Brands International specializes in the manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of natural health products containing natural botanicals, vitamins, minerals and supplements via its subsidiary company, H.A.R.D Nutrition the world's only "Functional Water System."

As our infatuation with possessing the ideal body grows, everyday more and more people are getting off the couch and getting into shape. HRDN believes in this proactive approach of building the healthy you and knows that individuals training hard need the correct vitamins and minerals to provide the body with the energy needed to fulfill their goals.  

HRDN's "Functional Water System" contains all of the essential vitamins and supplements underneath their patented "Magic Cap." These essential vitamins and supplements are then combined with a light flavored water that gives them the strength and energy needed to meet their demands along with a satisfying thirst quenching taste. HRDN's water systems come in eight different varieties all targeting different results such as, body cleansing, joint inflammation, weight loss, endurance, energy boost without the crash, dehydration, sleep deprivation, and all around basic well being.

HRDN has made believers out of several professional athletes most notably their newest spokesperson Denver Nugget phenom Chris Anderson A.K.A "The Birdman." With his relentless play on the court and hard work ethic HRDN could not have found a better athlete to embody what Hard Nutrition is all about. HRDN's products provide "The Birdman" with the strength and vitamins he needs to continue to compete at his superstar level.

HRDN has taken the first steps to conquering the obesity dilemma that America is currently facing with the launching of their "Fat Fighter Weight Loss" product. HRDN is gearing up for a nationwide marketing campaign and they are extremely excited about their upcoming half hour long infomercial that is set to air nationally. The infomercial will feature individual success stories from actual users of their Fat Fighter product. The rough cut can be viewed by all on the Hard Nutrition website: http://www.hardnutrition.com/media-and-events/news-detail.html?content_item_id=139

PennyStockLocks "Key Points" on HRDN:

  • Based on yesterdays Level 2 Data with its low float HRDN saw major upward movement +13% on a small order. Based on today's expected surge in volume we could see a huge positive momentum build up immediately after the opening bell and continue on throughout the remainder of the day.
  • HRDN Opened sales to the U.S. Military in Feb 2011.
  • HRDN is working with Script To Screen to produce and release their upcoming 30 minute long nationally televised infomercial. Script To Screen is the absolute best in the industry when it comes to providing results for their clients, turning them into household names over night and dramatically increasing sales revenue. Take a look below at just some of their past results and you can see why we are excited about the future of HRDN.
    • Rosetta Stone: Q1 Sales $50 Million
    • Sear Kenmore Vacuum: +122%
    • Torso Track: $250 Million Increase
    • The Firm: 100 Million Videos Sold
    • Adams Gold: +$98 Million in sales in just 18 months
    • Bare Minerals: +$25 Million in revenue
    • Body By Jake: +$150 Million in revenue
    • Cross Bow Wieder: +$200 Million
    • Direct Buy: +$500 Million the past few 2 years recently sold for $600 Million
  • With the upcoming release of their new infomercial investors can find security knowing that HRDN is committed to their brand awareness and is doing whatever it takes to turn H.A.R.D. Nutrition into a household name.
  • Nationwide retail expansion with several national retailers/drug trains will be considered once the infomercial makes HRDN a household name.
  • HRDN's products use all natural ingredients a much sought after quality from health conscious consumers who maybe concerned with the side effects from other sports beverages that contain unhealthy ingredients.
  • The energy drink market is currently the fastest growing beverage market in the world with American's expected to spend over $9 Billion on them alone
  • HRDN's "Functional Water Systems" bottles showed impressive sales numbers during a 12 month shelf life at 88 King's Sooper Stores (A Kroger Grocery Chain). Generating over $1 Million in gross revenue.
  • HRDN's Research and Development team is led by the world renowned Dr. Robert Nikkel. Within his over 30 years experience in R&D Dr. Bob has established a large network of professional athletes from all the major sports including the NBA, NFL, NBL, NHL, Soccer, Tri-athletes, Professional Motocross racers, Skiers, Snowboarders, Swimmers, Weight lifters, Body Builders and more. These top athletes depend on Dr. Bob to develop products to assist them in their rigorous training sessions. Their testimonials can be found on the H.A.R.D nutrition website.

Website: www.hardnutrition.com

HRDN is currently trading at an undervalued PPS. Those members looking for an low entry point with the potential for massive gains in the future should strongly consider picking up some shares of HRDN early today 9:30am EST.

DC Brands International, Inc. Announces that the First ROUGH Cut of the Infomercial is AWESOME

9:00a ET September 12, 2011 (PR NewsWire)

DC Brands International, Inc. a publicly traded company under the ticker symbol (OTC:HRDN - News), is incredibly excited today to announce that the first "ROUGH" cut of the soon to be nationally aired infomercial is in, and available for viewing at the HardNutrition website.

The unbelievable team from Script to Screen has taken almost forty hours of footage amassed during all phases of shooting the Fat Fighter Infomercial, and incredibly, reduced it down to the 28:30 time constraint to fill the long format infomercial time slot.

This first version is in the very rough format, and does not include the specific details of the three separate calls to action that will occur during the infomercial. These segments are glaringly obvious, when viewing the rough version, as three black frames with white block lettering titled CTA #1, CTA #2, and CTA #3. This rough version is also void of the eye popping animation and graphics that will be added, and included in the final version of the infomercial.

Richard Pearce, CEO and President said, "I am amazed at the gigantic task that Script to Screen accomplished so quickly after the shooting of the infomercial was wrapped up. To take almost forty hours of footage, and have this fantastic compelling story be told in less than thirty minutes is phenomenal."

Pearce continued, "The way this infomercial highlights the stories of the people that have had weight loss success with the Fat Fighter program, and integrates the complete HARD Nutrition philosophy and approach to nutrition, is just tremendous. I couldn't be more excited about this infomercial, and now have more confidence than ever that the final version will blow everybody away, and I can't wait to see it"

For more information on Script to Screen go to www.scripttoscreen.com

About DC Brands International:

DC Brands International, a publicly traded company under the ticker symbol (OTCBB: DCBR), presently specializes in the manufacturing of its functional beverages and health products. Established in 1998, DC Brands began producing a number of lines of energy drinks in 2005. DC Brands then purchased the assets of H.A.R.D. Nutrition and began its quest to produce a new health line of products. DC Brands has recently announced the release of its new H.A.R.D. Nutrition Functional Water Systems, which it expects will revolutionize the functional beverage category.

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