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Todays Copper Mining Penny Play Is GPLS Geopulse Explorations Inc.


PennyStockLocks has had a great run with our recent commodity plays this summer most notably RVNG which netted our members gains of up to +2508% As summer comes to a close I want to give one final gift to my valued subscribers. GPLS has some serious profit potential simliar Copper Mining stocks have recently showed investors gains close to +5000%!!!





Symbol: GPLS.ob

Current PPS: $0.21

Avg 10 Day Volume: 410.9K

Outstanding Shares: 136.2M

Float: 122.8M

About The Company:

GPLS Geopulse Exploration Inc is a US based mineral exploration and development company with a focus on undervalued or newly discovered Gold, Silver, and Copper properties. Through their fiscally responsible growth strategy and focused exploration program they plan on maximizing shareholder value. The management team at GPLS consists of individuals with years of experience and proven track records in international project development and low-cost mining. GPLS incorporates properties, which have proven highly probable mineral resource potential through both geographical and historical assessment. With their continued cautious due diligence and deliberate multiphase development programs GPLS continue to maximize its ROI (Return On Investment).


Mining Properties

Currently GPLS has Copper, Gold, and Potash mining properties in the mineral rich areas of Utah. GPLS is currently reviewing and performing their upmost due diligence regarding several opportunities in the mineral rich areas of Mexico, Ecuador, and Colombia.  Land assemblies are being reviewed and upon completion GPLS plans to secure more than 200,000 acres of precious mineral opportunities.

Copper Mining Property

GPLS's Lisbon Valley, Utah copper mining property was strategically purchased for its favorable copper exploration potential and proven adjacent reserves. For over a 100 years Utah has been one of the Worlds largest producer of copper. The property is located in the copper rich Paradox Basin area and is home to both the Lisbon Valley and Bingham Canyon copper mines who combined produce nearly 50 million tones of copper ore annually. The high demand of copper in today's market will have manufacturers looking to mining companies like GPLS to fill the much needed copper void. With the price of copper increasing steadily GPLS and their investors could see profits sky rocket in the very near future.

Future Plans

Just last week GPLS announced the finalization of its negotiations with Haycliffe Corp. to secure up to $25 million. Shareholders will be happy to hear additional Gold, Copper, and Potash property expansion and asset purchases will be a priority for GPLS.

Pick up some shares of GPLS ASAP 9:30am EST......Let's end this already profitable summer with one more WINNER!!!

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