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EMWW Structural Enhancement Technologies Corp is today's low float momentum play. Please read our full profile on EMWW below and be ready to pick up some shares early today at 9:30am EST


Symbol: EMWW.pk

Current PPS: $0.033

Outstanding Shares: 24Million

Float: 22Million

10 Day Avg. Volume: 2Million

About the Company:

EMWW Structural Enhancement Technologies Corp is a Kentucky based company that is currently an early entrant in the rapidly growing anti-microbial technology industry.  Through their wholly owned subsidiary Extreme Mobile Coatings, Inc.,  Structural Enhancement Technologies Corp. operates an onsite mobile business that provides painting or coating on various surfaces utilizing EMWW's specialized proprietary material. EMWW also offers its anti-microbial services nationwide through various service providers.

EMWW believes that there is an imperative need for on-site delivery of anti-microbial powder coatings to protect surfaces which come in constant contact with the general public. EMWW believes that protection against the spread of harmful bacteria should be long lasting and affordable at the same time. EMWW's titanium oxide light activated "extremeprotect™" anti-microbial coating is an extremely durable cost effective highly functional bacteria protecting solution for virtually any surface. Their family of coatings operates by deactivating the proteins that cripple viruses and harmful sometimes deadly bacteria such as MRSA and Ecoli. In addition to this they also provide protection against corrosion, mildew, and mold while at the same time being 100% safe to humans and animals alike.

EMWW's "extremeprotect™" anti-microbial coating has infinite uses in several billion dollar industries such as healthcare, restaurant, hospitality, sporting goods, etc...Basically if it comes in contact with the public it needs to be protected.

Website: www.extrememobilecoating.com

PennyStockLocks "Key Points" on EMWW

  • Powder Coating is a surface finishing technique that has rapidly grown and adapted by automotive, appliance, and architectural industries over the past few years because of all the antimicrobial benefits it offers. In 2010, the global demand for powder coating amounted to approximately $5.8 billion.
  • As an early entrant in this emerging market EMWW products could very well become the "defacto" provider for powder coating solutions.
  • The Powder Coating market accounts for approximately 6% of the worldwide coating market and is expected to grow at an annual growth of 6% from 2012-2018 as more and more industries are adapting to this technique to prolong the life of their products. The IT and Telecommunications industries are the latest in a long line of multi-billion dollar industries to exploring the powder coating market.
  • In addition to Extreme Protect, EMWW’s product is also beneficial to Marine vessels. EMWW’s Marine Vessel Hull Protection Coating protects marine vessels from having barnacle accumulation and attachment.
  • EMWW’s coating usage varies beyond normal hospital and school usage, but is also ideal for architectural and construction use where EMWW’s coating can be glow in the dark, anti-slip needed for textured floors, guard rails, and has moisture prevention as well. EMWW’s Extreme Protect has a hydrophilic effect that will form a “water sheet” where moisture will not become “dots” and allow dirt and bacteria to penetrate surfaces, often causing corrosion.
  • In addition to Extreme Protect, EMWW’s product is also beneficial to Marine vessels. EMWW’s Marine Vessel Hull Protection Coating protects marine vessels from having barnacle accumulation and attachment.
  • EMWW is the first company to offer on-site powder coating with custom additives.
  • EMWW along with Xiom Corporation owns over 30 patents relating to mobile powder coating spray technology.
  • Recently, EMWW announced launch of its Households "touch surfaces" anti-microbial protection program in the state of Kentucky. They offer a long lasting cost effective anti-microbial protection to all household surfaces. This household protection could soon become a must have item in the battle against the spread of harmful bacteria that can sometimes be fatal especially to infants and those with weakened/underdeveloped immune systems.
  • Yesterday afternoon EMWW released breaking news regarding plans to roll out their, "Select Cities Restaurant" – antimicrobial protection package program in New York City. EMWW will benefit from the large scale public exposure they will receive by providing restaurant patrons in the biggest city in the world with the safest eating environment available. Participating restaurants will benefit by giving their patrons strong piece of mind know that they are committed to the health and safety of their customers. Full details are provided in their latest press release below.
  • PSL has heard a rumor that EMWW will be releasing more breaking news in the near future.
  • EMWW is currently listed as "buy" on barchart.com http://www.barchart.com/quotes/stocks/EMWW
  • This stock is trading extremely thin right now with a little volume going a long way. Take a look at the chart below and take notice of the +90% breakout run last week on higher than average volume. With tomorrow's anticipated burst in volume we could easily see a breakout run of +100% or higher....

This stock is showing all the signs of a breakout run...we are urging all members to put ECWW on their watchlists and be ready to pickup some shares early at 9:30am EST. You do not want to be on the sidelines if this stock starts to run up the charts.

Structural Enhancement Technologies to Launch Select Cities Antimicrobial Restaurant Program

2:00p ET November 28, 2011 (PR NewsWire)

Structural Enhancement Technologies Corp. (OTCBB "EMWW") announces that its subsidiary, Extreme Mobile Coatings, Inc. has plans to roll out in December/January its, "Select Cities Restaurant" - antimicrobial protection package program in New York City. The program is designed to give restaurant patrons the best bacteria and virus protection on location in existence today. By following the company's protection protocols, restaurants will achieve levels of customer protection which are at extremely high levels. The advertising benefits to participating restaurants are obvious. Customers will know that the restaurant's management cares about them.

The company intends to form a group of 5 strategic restaurants as initial "city partners" to act as development and show piece centers of excellence. Advertising and public relations activities will center on the locations. Technical and promotional aspects of the program will be demonstrated in real time. The cooperative restaurants will share a royalty payment based on sales to all other restaurants who sign up for the program in that city.

The company will use its own contractors to apply its antimicrobial coatings in areas of high public traffic, where constant contact with unprotected surfaces may promote constant exposure to a variety of toxins and pathogens.

The company applies titanium oxide light activated "extremeprotect" thin film protection, which is durable and functional for high speed applicability for metal, wood, concrete, and fabric surfaces. This family of coatings operates by deactivating the proteins that cripple viruses and bacteria. MRSA and Ecoli are some of the multitude of pathogens effectively suppressed. Our coatings also protect against corrosion, mildew, and mold. Our coatings are perfectly safe and benign for the public.

About Structural Enhancement Technologies Corp.

Through its wholly owned subsidiary, Extreme Mobile Coatings, Inc., based in Nicholasville, Kentucky, Structural Enhancement Technologies Corp. offers franchise opportunities to operate a mobile business that provides painting or coating on various surfaces utilizing specialized proprietary material.

Forward-Looking Statements

This press release contains forward-looking statements, which represent the Company's expectations or beliefs, including, but not limited to, statements concerning plans, growth and strategies, which include, without limitation, statements preceded or followed by or that include the words may, will, expect, anticipate, intend, could, estimate, or continue or the negative variations thereof or comparable terminology. Any statements contained in this press release that are not statements of historical fact may be deemed to be forward-looking statements. These statements by their nature involve substantial risks and uncertainties, some of which are beyond the Company's control and actual results.

Contact:Andrew B. MazzonePresident631-560-4108

SOURCE Structural Enhancement Technologies Corp



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