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 ECRY eCrypt Technologies Inc. is today's momentum play read our full profile below and be ready to pick up some shares early today at 9:30am EST


Symbol: ECRY.ob

Current PPS: $0.91

Outstanding Shares: 135Million

Float: 33.9Million

10 Day Avg. Volume: 304K

About the Company:

ECRY eCrypt Technologies Inc. is a Colorado based information security company founded in 2007. ECRY provides true end-to-end encryption solutions.

ECRY's email encryption and secure file storage use the strongest encryption algorithms available to prevent the theft of data during transmission and storage  Their wide variety of products are already being used by many businesses and professionals dealing with confidential information such as lawyers, accountants, financial advisers, and medical practitioners.

Below is a list of ECRY's cutting edge encryption solutions which are all available on a monthly subscription basis:

  • eCrypt Me: is a simple-to-use email platform and secure document storage solution that locks out cyber-burglars permanently. Each time you send an email and/or attachments, the system secures the contents using the strongest encryption available, rendering users sensitive information unreadable to anyone except them and their intended (or authorized) recipient.
  • File Vault: provides impenetrable file storage for those working with highly sensitive data needing the upmost protection.
  • eCrypt One on One: true end-to-end, stand alone, and easy to use email security software for the BlackBerry® smartphone. The software embeds itself into the device’s operating system to work seamlessly with the built in Inbox application

ECRY's unique and innovative solutions provide a much needed layer of security at a time when cybercrime is running rampant. With the growing number of mobile devices in the market today more and more people are sending and receiving email on the go. Cyber criminals are taking advantage of the current low level built-in security provided by big name email providers such as Gmail and Hotmail. ECRY's security solutions provide their clients with simple to use encryption technology that guarantees their sensitive data will only be accessible to those meant to see it.  

Recently ECRY announced the launch of their eCrypt Me secure platform. The full press release can be found below. Also, please take the time to view their new website and learn more about this highly innovative company.

Website: www.eCryptinc.com

PennyStockLocks "Key Points" on ECRY

  • ECRY’s Chairman Curt Weldon is currently on a two-week trip showcasing ECRY’s technology to high ranking government officials and financiers of Kuwait, Taiwan, South Korea, China, Turkey, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai. Mr. Weldon will show these international businessmen the powerful technology ECRY secure email platform has to offer. In addition Mr. Weldon will demonstrate telecom leaders and manufacturers of smartphones the advantages of creating a launch key into devices that will allow users to easily launch and access the powerful encryption system ECRY provides.
  • Current email providers like Outlook, Hotmail and Gmail are not secure. Anyone with off-the-shelf software and YouTube instructions can be reading your emails and attachments within minutes.
  • The multi-billion dollar Software and Programming industry is forecasted to have a value of $457 billion in 2013 with a focus on security software due to the recent cybercrimes the U.S has encountered.
  • Identity theft, fraud, financial theft, spam etc. are all forms of Cybercrime that affect 431 million adults worldwide. According to the Norton Cybercrime report, these cybercrimes cost the U.S an annual of $114 billion and is on a rapid rise and therefore the need of secure protective software is needed to avoid these events from happening.
  • In 2010, The Federal Trade Commission received over 1.34 million complaints concerning identity theft, debt collection scams, and fraudulent data collection that left millions of people devastated over these cybercrimes. All of this is made possible because of the lack of concern of sharing sensitive information via the internet, most importantly credit card information; ECRY's security solutions can effectively remove this element of frustration and concern by securely storing this information in its File Vault and encrypting this information with the highest level of security.
  • Fortune 100 companies and major banks have the biggest concern in keeping their data secured as they encounter about 72 successful cyber attacks per week, costing anywhere between $6-36 million a year; ECRY allows these professionals to safely communicate with one another without taking the precautions of changing emails and passwords because ECRY’s systems use multiple encryption layers to protect their subscribers data from unauthorized access.
  • ECRY's low monthly subscription plans make it an ideal security solution for business's with small or non-existent information technology budgets.
  • Cyber Security spending is expected to reach $60 billion at the end of this current year with a 10% increase every year for the next three to five years therefore leading the U.S Department of Homeland Security to budget $525.7 million for security in the new upcoming year with internet security accounting for 56% of the budget.
  • Cohen Independent Research has issued a Research Report on ECRY giving a Price Target of $2.60, a potential gain of another 185.71% from the current PPS.
  • Barchart.com has given ECRY their highest level of endorsement currently listing it as a "Strong Buy"
  • ECRY 's chart is shaping up to be a perfect example of "volume preceding price" we could see an all time high PPS within the next few days.
  • ECRY has been picking up some serious momentum in the past few weeks gaining close to 500% while flying under the radar. With their latest product launch being announced after the closing bell on Friday we can expect a huge surge in volume after tomorrow's open.

We are urging all members to be ready to pick up some shares of ECRY early today at 9:30am EST as this stock could easily surpass its previous high $1.25!!!

eCrypt (ECRY)Launches eCrypt Me Total Email Security For Just $8 a Month

5:08p ET December 2, 2011 (Market Wire)

eCrypt Technologies Inc. (OTCBB: ECRY) is pleased to announce it has completed the beta phase of its secure platform eCrypt Me. The Company is announcing the platform has gone live today, moving the company into its revenue model. Today's product launch, along with the new corporate website, is targeted at small business, lawyers, accountants, financial advisors, medical practitioners and anyone who is looking for total email privacy and security.

eCrypt's unique, powerful and innovative solution ensures the secure access to, transmission, and storage of email communications and files. This allows millions of business users around the world to have total email and file security, even on the go -- a must for lawyers, accountants, financial advisers, medical practitioners and all small businesses who can't afford the potential liability of becoming a victim of cybercrime and email identity theft.

eCrypt Me Key Features

--  Safeguards the access to, transmission and storage of, email and files--  Prevents unauthorized access to emails and files--  eCrypt Me is as easy to use as popular web-based mail systems such as    Gmail, AOL, and Hotmail with the important difference of providing    military-grade encryption security--  Offers complete email and file security on your desktop, laptop,    smartphone, and tablet, anytime, from anywhere in the world--  Pay by the month, first 30 days is free, cancel without penalty any time

Email hacking has become a significant global problem for businesses, individuals and governments. Today, with a few keystrokes, thieves, competitors or other snoops can intercept and steal confidential information in your unsecure emails. Unfortunately, often people don't realize they've been victimized until it's too late.

Email platforms such as Gmail, AOL and Hotmail do not provide the levels of security or encryption required to defend against cybercrime. Anyone with off-the-shelf software and YouTube instructions can be reading your emails and attachments within minutes, and 40% of all cybercrime is initiated through email.

eCrypt Me's unique system uses multiple levels of encryption and offers no backdoors, therefore no way in for prying eyes to gain unauthorized access. Only you have the password.

"The commercialization and live launch of our flagship product, eCrypt Me is a milestone that we are very excited about." stated Brad Lever, CEO of eCrypt Technologies Inc, "This is an important catalyst in our business model and for growing our core customer base. As we move forward and capture our share of this vast market, I believe we will realize great success. Today there are over 1.8 billion email users worldwide."

Sign up for a 30 day free trial of eCrypt Me now and have complete email security. Join today at www.ecryptinc.com.

About eCrypt Technologies

eCrypt Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB: ECRY) provides email encryption and secure file storage using the strongest encryption algorithms available to prevent the theft of data during transmission and storage. Today its products, eCrypt Me including File Vault, and eCrypt One On One, are being used by businesses and professionals including lawyers, accountants, financial advisers and medical practitioners.

Safe Harbor Statement

This press release contains certain "forward-looking statements", as defined in the United States Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995, that involve a number of risks and uncertainties. There can be no assurance that such statements will prove to be accurate and the actual results and future events could differ materially from management's current expectations. The economic, competitive, governmental, technological and other factors identified in the Company's previous filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission may cause actual results or events to differ materially from those described in the forward looking statements in this press release. The Company undertakes no obligation to publicly update or revise any forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise.

SOURCE: eCrypt Technologies Inc.


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