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CURX Curaxis Pharmaceutical Corp. is today's low float pharmaceutical momentum play. Please read our full profile on CURX below and strongly consider picking up some shares early this morning 9:30am EST.

Symbol: CURX.pk

Current PPS: $0.066

Outstanding Shares: 78.1M

Float: 16.2M

10 Day Avg. Volume: 55.4K

About the Company:

CURX: Curaxis Pharmaceutical Corporation is a Nevada based specialty pharmaceutical company focused on finding cures for major age-related diseases. CURX's initial focus is Alzheimer's disease (or AD) which effects close to 36 million people worldwide and is rapidly reaching epidemic proportions. Their lead product is the patented treatment, Memryte, which has shown the potential for treating and halting the progression of Alzheimer's disease in patients.

As of now the current methods for treatment of Alzheimer's focus on the symptoms of AD by increasing some patient's cognitive function and general behavior. This however does not slow down the progression of this fast moving disease. The current standard for treating AD is AChEls (Acetylcholinesterase inhibitors) which have shown to provide modest improvement in cognitive function for only about 50% of patients being treated with the drug. According to studies performed by the Alzheimer's Association, patients who have shown improvement typically only benefited from the medication for a total of six months to a year.

Now more than ever we need a more effective alternative for treating AD and CURX is determined to change the way AD is treated through the use of their unique drug Memryte. CURX believes that Memryte may substantially slow the progression of Alzheimer's disease. CURX has already completed their phase 1 and 2 FDA approved clinical trials in both males and females and is currently in the process of performing their phase 3 clinical trials with commencement to be determined at a later time.

Plese click on the link  below to see the science behind CURX's Memryte Alzheimer's treatment.


Website: www.curaxispharma.com

PennyStockLocks "Key Points" on CURX


  • The current methods for treating Alzheimer's are just not effective enough take a look at the following facts regarding Alzheimer's disease:
  1. Currently the 6th leading cause of death in the United States
  2. Out of the top leading cause of deaths it is the only one that cannot be prevented or even slowed down
  3. Alzheimer's cost the U.S. over $183 billion annually
  4. While deaths from other diseases such as HIV, Stroke, and Heart Disease have decreased Alzheimer's related deaths have risen steadily.
  5. Every 69 seconds someone in the U.S. develops Alzheimer's
  • Pharmaceutical stocks have a history of providing huge gains in a short amount of time. 
  • Pharmaceutical stocks like CURX have a history of making huge gains after positive news like a recent FDA approval, breakthrough in testing, licensing agreement, new findings..etc.
  • Their ability to move on news makes the pharmaceutical industry the perfect match for penny stock investing where volume and momentum play such a huge role when it comes to making gains.
  • CURX is currently trading on a bottom'd out chart leaving investors with the perfect opportunity to pick up shares at what we feel is incredible entry point with the potential for huge gains in both the long and short term.
  • We heard a rumor that CURX will be releasing major news today which could set off an enormous surge of volume and take this stock on a huge breakout run early today.

We are encouraging all members to put CURX on your radar and to strongly consider picking up some shares this morning at 9:30am EST. As we mentioned in our previous weekend update pharmaceutical penny stocks have a history of moving upwards after positive breaking news.

We heard a rumor that CURX may be releasing major news early today that could set off a huge surge in buying volume. Make sure you follow PennyStockLocks all day on facebook an twitter for the latest news and alerts on CURX.




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