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BCDH Our Low Float Momentum Play For Friday

Company: Black Castle Developments Inc.

Symbol: BCDH.pk

Current PPS: $0.095

Outstanding Shares: 68.43Million

Float: 68.42Million (Low)

10 Day Avg. Volume: 39k

Website: www.blackcastledevelopments.com

Based in Fresno, California BCDH specializes in the acquisition of under valued niche companies with huge profit potential and the direct acquisition of nonperforming notes (NPNs) as well as the development, operation, and management of income-producing commercial and residential distressed properties.

The current U.S. housing crisis has created a enormous backlog of non-performing loans and foreclosed properties. As the moment close to 5.2 million households are currently in some stage of the foreclosure process or behind at least two mortgage payments. At these current levels, industry experts predict it would take close to 107 months for lenders to divest their inventory of foreclosed homes.

As with any financial crisis their is always potential for profits to be made with the right business plan. The commercial and residential real estate market is flooded with major discounts at the moment. The fact that banks are aggressively trying to rid themselves of bad dept to improve their balance sheets puts BCDH in a great position to capitalize on this opportunity and acquire NPN's for pennies on the dollar. Once acquired BCDH will identify and evaluate the property to reverse the distressed property into a lucrative one maximizing the ROI(Return on Investmentfor BCDH and their investors.

BCDH's follows a strict acquisition criteria focusing on gaining the highest possible ROI which is typically a 11%-28% annual rate of return to the company per investment. 

BDCH focuses on high income generating properties such as apartment complexes that can later be converted to condominiums, commercial properties with major anchors, and portfolios of single family residence homes that are currently producing income. 

Over time BCDH has developed strong working relationships with a multitude of banks, government agencies, asset managers, title companies, and real estate brokers. Through their strong ties with these agencies BCDH has unique access to investment grade properties in both the commercial and residential market. This is a major competitive advantage for BCDH especially because of their highly strategic location in California which is currently ranked 2nd in the U.S. in foreclosure rates. In June 2011 BCHD acquired a 50 unit apartment complex in Fresno, California for $1 million whose assessed value was twice that amount!!

Earlier we mentioned BCDH specializes in the acquisition of undervalued niche companies with big profit potential. BCDH announced breaking news yesterday regarding their LOI (Letter of Intent) to acquire over 90% of bizM3 (www.bizM3.com), a trend setter in digital signage technology and multi-level mobile marketing solutions. Through this acquisition BCDH solidifies an early entrant position in the still budding $3.3 Billion Mobile Marketing Industry.

bizM3's highly innovative technology is capable of sending SMS (text messages), MMS (images), IVR (voice), WAP (mobile websites) and digital signage (out-of-home/ in-premise advertisements). The company has demonstrated early success with big name clients like U.S. Postal Service, and continues to grow its customer base. Check out the link below for a full run down of bizM3's one of a kind mobile marketing technology.


As we all know a great business plan is nothing without the right people bringing it to fruition. BCDH's senior management team consists of individuals with 20 plus years of experience in commercial real estate finance, origination, negotiation, and transaction execution who profile hundred of NPN's on a daily basis in the over $1 trillion U.S. loan marketplace.

BCDH's investors should feel confident that the company is being led by President and CEO Jeff Hoyroyd. Mr Holroyd is no stranger to success for the past 16 years he has earned quite a reputation as a highly successful business-to-business real estate developer, manager, and consultant on non-performing note holders and short sales. His wide range of expertise includes acquiring, managing, selling, financing, and developing U.S. based real estate ventures. He served as a Secretary and Board Member of RQH Acquisitions, LLC, a real estate acquisition company in the greater California area where he made numerous industry contacts. Prior to that he spent several years as a high net worth portfolio adviser for Merrill Lynch. where he was responsible for managing over $75 Million in assets.

Currently trading at under $0.10 we feel the current PPS is the perfect entry point for members to pick up shares in a company with a tremendous business plan for the future.

The experts at barchart.com seem to agree as they have given BCDH a solid "Buy" ranking 

We have been studying BCDH's chart for awhile now and this stock moves on volume. News of BCDH's LOI to acquire bizM3 has generated major buzz among investors and the result could be a strong surge in volume tomorrow that may send this stock on a strong upward run up the charts!!!

Please be sure to read yesterday's press release regarding their latest LOI and examine the chart below.

Make BCDH the top stock on your watch list today and be ready to pick up some shares early at 9:30am EST

Black Castle Developments Holdings, Inc. Signs Letter of Intent to Acquire Stake in $3.3 Billion Mobile Marketing Industry

8:30a ET December 8, 2011 (PR NewsWire)

Black Castle Developments Holdings, Inc. (Pink Sheets:BCDH) ("BCDH"), a holding company targeting the acquisition of undervalued, niche companies, and owner of Black Castle Developments, which purchases non-performing notes and bank-owned, income-producing commercial real estate properties, announced today that it has entered into a letter of intent to acquire over 90% of bizM3 (www.bizM3.com), a pioneer in digital signage technology and multi-level mobile marketing solutions.

bizM3 is one of the first companies to deliver a multi-channel strategy that allows businesses to add a mobile call-to-action to all of its existing marketing channels, both digital and traditional. bizM3's highly differentiated proprietary technology is capable of sending SMS (text messages), MMS (images), IVR (voice), WAP (mobile websites) and digital signage (out-of-home/ in-premise advertisements). The company has demonstrated early success with clients such as the U.S. Postal Service, and its pipeline of customers keeps growing. Leveraging its FCC-compliant digital signage technology, bizM3 enables businesses to utilize their existing TV screens in their place of business, whether at a grocery store, restaurant, bar or hotel, to run revenue-generating advertisements. bizM3 is in the early stages of generating revenues from the sale of its digital signage and integrated mobile marketing solutions.

"bizM3 presented us with a very unique opportunity to not only diversify our current portfolio, but to capitalize on the explosive growth potential of the consumer mobile marketing industry," said Jeff Holroyd, CEO of BCDH. According to The International Telecommunication Union, in 2010, the number of mobile subscriptions reached 5.3 Billion worldwide. In the U.S., 302.9 million subscribers, or 96 percent of all Americans, are mobile users. According to Gartner Research, mobile ad revenue is expected to generate $3.3 billion in revenue in 2011, and then skyrocket to $20.6 billion in 2015, more than doubling from year-to-year. "We are truly excited to see where bizM3 is headed, and believe this acquisition will create an exciting new chapter for BCDH shareholders," added Holroyd.

Upon the close of the acquisition, expected by the end of 2011, bizM3 will operate as an owned subsidiary of BCDH. The all-stock transaction is expected to be non-dilutive to existing shareholders with a valuation and purchase price of $4,000,000.

About bizM3

bizM3 is a leading mobile marketing technology company that provides solutions and tools for businesses to enhance their advertising campaigns and deployment strategies. bizM3's digital signage technology is FCC-compliant and is being rolled out to existing television sets in high traffic restaurants, sports bars, hotels and other hospitality locations. bizM3's patented, back-end content management system allows multi-channel marketing campaigns to be planned and launched in minutes. Businesses can deliver timely alerts containing mobile coupons, special offers, rewards, text-2-win announcements or links to mobile websites to engage, entice and retain consumers. BizM3 gathers the market intelligence, consumer buying profiles and analytics needed to make each campaign successful and generate the highest ROI for its customers. For more information, visit bizm3.com.

About Black Castle Developments Holdings, Inc.

Black Castle Developments Holdings, Inc. ("BCDH") is a holding company focused on the merger and acquisition of undervalued, revenue-generating companies that operate in high-growth niche markets. BCDH plans to leverage its management resources and status as a public entity to assist acquired companies to achieve and/or grow their profitability. For more information, visit www.blackcastledevelopments.com.



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