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AMWI Is Our Bottom'd Chart Bounce Play For Tuesday

Company: Amwest Imaging Inc.

Symbol: AMWI.ob

Current PPS: $0.06<====Near All-Time Low PPS Great Entry Point With Huge Upside Potential

Outstanding Shares: 521.6M

Float: 104M

10 Day Avg. Volume: 2.8M

Websites: www.AmwestImaging.com

About the Company:

Amwest Imaging Inc. (AMWI) is a U.S. based technology company focused on providing relationship-building tools and processes that help any business develop profitable relationships with customers, through web based solutions.

AMWI's aggressive growth strategy currently targets a multi-billion dollar customer base. AMWI's sales force is currently in the process of expanding their staff to 1,500 online sales representatives and 900 regional representatives. Through their increased sales force they look to proactively build up the number of small business that utilize their technologies and products.

AMWI's product lineup consists of several technology solutions targeted to a wide variety of market sectors:

  • MyRestaurantWeb www.MyRestaurantWeb.com an award winning innovative web solution for restaurants that provides them with the ability to increase their customer relationship management (CRM) through useful features such as stat trackers and built in marketing tools.
  • LokDrop www.LokDrop.com an online storage solution that allows users to store, share and backup digital information in a secure, private and encrypted location. LokDrop clients can use this storage solution to access and share critical data from anywhere in the world.
  • ZipClick www.ZipClick.com an anonymous 256 AES voice encryption software that provides secure, encrypted calls when using VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) calls using Skype, AIM, Yahoo IM, Meebo, Trillian, and other Voice Over Internet, Messaging, Instant messaging and Internet file transfer Protocols (“VOIP”) Software.

AMWI Attacking The Cloud By Storm

Independent research firm Forrester Research expects the global cloud computing market to reach $241 billion in 2020 compared to $40.7 in 2010. As more and more businesses join the cloud revolution the need for secure data transmission and storage has become imperative. The rapid growth of cloud computing has given birth to a whole new market of cloud security products. A new report from Forrester Research projects that the cloud security market will grow to $1.5 billion by 2015—a shift that will disrupt what Forrester calls the "security solution ecosystem." Through AMWI's joint venture agreement with BION Enterprises, LLC they will now offer BION document tracking as "POWERED BY BION" an additional performance enhancement aspect of their services offered at www.lokdrop.com, with additional collaborations for www.ZipClik.com to come early 2012. The joint venture with BION allows AMWI to become a first mover in this soon to be booming industry.

AMWI Continues To Innovate

AMWI recently launched a unique SMS/Mobile marketing package as a part of the monthly services available to clients of www.MyRestaurantWeb.com. SMS, or Short Messaging Service is commonly known as text messaging. This type
 of mobile messaging enables short text messages to be sent to and from cell phones,
email addresses, and messaging Internet gateways and websites. With over 5 BILLION cell phones on the planet and a 95% successful readership rate and 83% of those opened within one hour of being sent, MyRestaurantWeb.com’s propriety SMS texting technology is a must have feature that is available to it’s clients to blast ‘instant’ geographical sensitive promotions to their customer providing fast and measurable results.

AMWI's current PPS is very attractive at the moment at $.06. AMWI is sitting on a bottom'd out chart with huge upside potential. It was only 30 day's ago that AMWI's PPS was over $1.00. If AMWI were to make a similar run back to $1.00 it would provide traders with +1566.67% in gains. AMWI's aggressive sales strategy along with their in demand products could make 2012 a record year in revenue and send AMWI's PPS to a whole new level.

Yesterday AMWI closed out on a high note leaving us to believe that the momentum is just starting. AMWI could see a major breakout run early today. We suggest that you put AMWI on your radar today and be ready to pick up some shares early 9:30am EST.

We heard a rumor that fresh news for 2012 is on the horizon so check your inbox throughout the day and add us on Facebook and Twitter to get the latest updates on AMWI

Amwest's New Technology LokDrop, Powered by BION, to Release Secure Solution for File Sharing

4:22p ET December 15, 2011 (Market Wire)

Amwest Imaging Incorporated (OTCBB: AMWI) earlier this week announced a joint venture agreement with BION Enterprises, LLC (www.BionTrack.com). The first product slated for release by Amwest and BION is the first public, secure file-sharing infrastructure at www.lokdrop.com, powered by BION.

The Problem: Lack of security of Digital media is a constant threat to many businesses, organization and individuals. The file sharing industry today offers users a convenient way to share files, but with little or no security. Many groups prohibit their employees from using the popular Cloud-based file sharing services. Despite limitations, the $4 billion valuation industry leader Dropbox obtained this past summer illustrates the massive size of this market. (See: Techcrunch - August 30, 2011)

The Solution: Jason Gerteisen, President of Amwest, commented, "LokDrop provides the safe and secure solution with all the ease of use features that have been highly popular with users, and the security feature sets that the large corporations and government agencies have been clamoring for."

"Our SmartFile technology adds one final layer to LokDrop's powerful solution," said Mark Gray, Co-founder and CEO of BION. "Our patent pending technology acts like 'LoJack' for digital files and documents, reporting in with the IP address, date and time stamp and more, each time a file is opened or viewed."

"We are the audit trail and chain of custody for any document that is important to you," added Wyly Wade, BION's co-founder and CTO. "Together, LokDrop and BION provide the world's most secure and trusted solution for file sharing." And in a world where digital files have exploded in volume through emails and social media security for your most sensitive documents, this is priceless.

BION is a Cloud-based, software as a service ("SaaS") provider of patent pending SmartFile(TM) technology. The patent pending SmartFile technology is not permission based, is invisible, accurate and works on the most popular file formats. The centerpiece of BION's SmartFile reporting system is our digital "Tag." Once inserted into any ordinary computer file, the SmartFile technology is instantly activated for the life of the document. Reporting begins immediately.

LokDrop, a wholly owned subsidiary of Amwest Imaging, Inc. (OTCBB: AMWI), is a secure file hosting and storage service. Users can take advantage of LokDrop Online Storage as their secured digital safe deposit box. You can access, store, share and backup digital information in a secure, private and encrypted location. Use it to access and share critical data from anywhere in the world.

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