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AlumiFuel Power Corporation AFPW.ob

AFPW: Alumifuel Power Corporation Our Stock Lock of the Week 

This weeks Stock Lock is Alumifuel Power Corporation: AFPW.ob

Symbol:                                                    AFPW.ob

Friday’s Closing PPS:                                  .008

10-day Avg Vol:                                            4.7M

Market Value:                                             $3.01M

Shares Outstanding:                                    376M

AlumiFuel Power Corporation (AFPW) is an alternative energy company based in Englewood, Colorado, thats operates through it’s wholly owned subsidiary, AlumiFuel Power Inc., which engages in the generation of hydrogen gas and superheated steam through the chemical reaction of aluminum, water, and proprietary additives. AFPW’s generated hydrogen feeds the fuel cells for portable and back-up power; fills inflatable devices, such as weather balloons; and replaces costly hard-to-handle and high pressure K-Cylinders; and provides fuel for flameless heater applications. AFPW also designs and develops hydrogen/heat output for driving turbine-based underwater propulsion systems and auxiliary power systems, and as the fuel for flameless ration heaters. AFPW’s second wholly owned subsidiary, AlumiFuel International, holds a license agreement with the AFPW to market its hydrogen generation products globally to countries outside of North America.

AFPW focuses on targeting multi-million dollar markets on the rise such as:

  • Lift Gas – $150M
  • Unmanned Undersea Vehicles (UUVs) – $1.2 B
  • Portable power – $8B
  • K-Cylinder replacement – $50M
  • Flameless heating products – $61M
  • International licensing – $200M
  • Special defense applications – $125M
  • Distributed Power/vehicular applications using Natural Gas – $400M

AFPW has significant differentiators in performance, adaptability, safety and cost-effectiveness in its target market applications, with no external power required and no toxic chemicals or by-products.

Currently, AFPW in conjunction with its portable power partner, Ingenium Technologies of Rockford, Illinois, have successfully built a hydrogen generator capable of powering a 200W fuel cell. The generator/cartridge system has shown great scalability and is able to generate hydrogen flow rates suitable for fuel cells ranging from 1W to over 10kW. A third party New Jersey-based laboratory has analyzed AFPW’s generated hydrogen and has certified that the hydrogen gas produced by AFPW is 99.99+% pure. The higher the purity of hydrogen generated from a single cartridge equates to high energy densities/long run-times.

Please visit their website for more info on this up and coming innovative company

WEBSITE: www.alumifuelpowerinc.com

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