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AUMY Is Today's Gold Momentum Play


Company: Auric Mining Corporation

Symbol: AUMY.pk

Current PPS: $0.018

Outstanding Shares: 79.6M

Float: 32.1M

10 Day Avg. Volume: 59.1K

Website: www.AuricMiningCorp.com

About the Company:

Auric Mining Corporation (AUMY.pk) is a Port Huron, Michigan based investment and management company specializing in mining and natural resource projects. AUMY thoroughly researches a multitude of databases of private and public natural resource companies which have substantial findings already proven. Once a suitable company is found AUMY will then purchase, joint venture, or invest in these companies. AUMY proactively seeks acquisition opportunities with significant exploration upside in the form of entire companies or packages of assets that provide a high probability rate of hosting base and precious metal mineralization. AUMY's knack for identifying successful mineral projects, hands-on management style, and flat organizational structure, provides them with the ability to concentrate on their financial assets human resources, and field efforts to provide timely decisions and a continued focus on the most prospective profit generating targets.

2011 proved to be a quite an eventful year for AUMY starting with their partnership with Homestead Gold and Silver and the purchase of several desirable mining properties in Canada. Canada is renowned for being the world’s largest exporter of metals and mineral. In 2009, the Canadian mineral production was valued to be estimated $32.3 Billion. Canada is currently ranked among the Top 5 countries for the production of 12 minerals and metals. AUMY’s mineral rich properties have led to several unique discoveries that have recently caught the interest of some of the world's biggest diamond resellers.

Just three weeks ago, AUMY announced that they proceeded with a preliminary deposit, in advance of a purchase and sale agreement, to purchase a gold property in the much sought after Abitibi Greenstone belt. An area where close to a billion grams of gold have been produced to date and is located next to some of the largest gold reserves in Canada. Mining is set to start on the property by September of 2012.

The outlook for 2012 looks very bright for AUMY with the price of gold predicted to reach over $2000 an ounce aided by the weakened dollar and our growing global inflation rate. Mining companies saw moderate growth in 2011, and the forecast for 2012 is strong as global demand for base and precious metals continues to climb.

Our previous gold mining plays have proven to be big gainers for traders in the past. Our most recent gold mining play TAOND was alerted at $0.21 and reached a high-of-day PPS of $.50 for +138% gains for traders. AUMY could easily show traders even more impressive gains tomorrow. Currently priced at under $0.02 we feel AUMY is extremely undervalued for a stock that has such tremendous upside potential. Looking at the 6-month chart below you can see that AUMY has been building some serious momentum within the past 30 days moving up from subpenny levels to just under $0.02. We believe this is just the beginning of what could be a huge breakout run that could see AUMY surpass its previous 52 week high of $.078 that would amount to gains of +300%!!!

Yesterday Afternoon the analysts at Barchart.com updated AUMY's status from "Buy" to "Strong Buy."


We also heard a rumor that ground breaking news may be just around the corner...

Be sure to put AUMY on your radar today and be ready for pick up some shares ASAP.

Auric Mining Corporate Update Report
12:53p ET December 30, 2011 (PR NewsWire)

Auric Mining Company (OTC: AUMY.PK) (the "Company") is pleased to report a general update on its activities for the year of 2011. It was a very busy year for the mining company in general buoyed by skyrocketing prices in the gold and precious metal industry.

Initially the company moved form an exploration company to a more mature developer of known ore bearing properties and started to put down roots in the gold rich Northwestern Ontario region. It started by forming a partnership Homestead Gold and Silver and soon branched out to researching, identifying and entering into agreements that would lead to the purchase of its own properties. The company expects to further advance these developments in the 2012 year and start geophysical expansion to enhance their value in the coming months. Once the option agreements have been completed the company believes that extending the drilling program, air magnetic survey and geophysical work will determine these multiple claims' true value to our operations. The company has both legal and financial obligations to complete before possession and any work can be started in the spring of 2012.

About Auric Mining Corp.:

(Auric or the Company) is doing business as an investment and management company in mining and natural resources projects. The Company continues to focus its resources on investing in attractive projects with the objective of establishing ongoing cash-flow and provide profitability for its shareholders.

Auric has researched through numerous databases of private and public natural resources companies which have substantial findings already proven. Auric will either purchase, joint venture or invest in these companies. The Company is constantly seeking acquisition opportunities with significant exploration upside in the form of entire companies or packages of assets that provide an undeniable possibility of hosting base and precious metal mineralization. With unparalleled instincts for successful mineral projects, a field-oriented management style and a flat organizational structure, the Company has an ability to concentrate its financial assets, human resources and field efforts to provide timely decisions and a continued focus on the most prospective targets.

The company has a number of claims strategically located in this historic mining district. Auric has undertaken significant efforts to assure its shareholders and potential investors that the properties it explores deserve the investment of time, effort and financial commitment necessary to establish successful mineral production in the future. For more information please visit the company's website at www.auricminingcorp.com.
For more information contact:Auric Mining CompanyGeneral Inquiries: 302-336-9736 Investor Relations: 302-269-3859 Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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